Sunday, April 29, 2007

Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid, April 29th

The complete article for me ... holds it up so well ... tremendous player in the air, passes the ball beautifully short over distance ... he's greyhound-quick .... and he scores goals, you can't ask for much more ... plus he's Dutch which is even bigger benefit.
Hudson, 44:42 1st

Barcelona vs Levante, April 29th

More often than not, you're coming into the lion's den, men, you gotta put your shield up and you've gotta defend yourself with some long spears.
Hudson, 20:11 1st

I just cannot ... fathom ... what colour the sky must be like in your world, Phil.
Hudson, 33:53 1st

It's, the confidence of a football team is predicated around not just winning but in able to hit the net.
Hudson, 45:44 2nd

Valencia vs Recreativo Huelva, April 28th

Sublime football, streaking in, lifts his beautiful head, sees his beautiful team-mate, this is a beautiful goal.
Hudson, post-game

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Villareal vs Barcelona, April 22

78:15 Barcelona were like a three pound chicken trying to lay a four pound egg .... just constipated in front of goal.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Valencia vs Sevilla, April 15th

34:09 Ah, the blood's flowing ... that's alright, that should be on the inside of his head of course so that's not a good sign ...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Racing Santander vs Real Madrid, April 14th

07:23 This is Twilight Zone football again, man, there's all sorts of calamity mistakes going on in both penalty boxes.

46:40 Let's remember, this Racing team have got fangs in their heads.

91:33 Well he could have took this down and had ... he coulda ... made paella by the time he ... shot this one at goal, look at the space that he gets he's open in a cow's field ...