Thursday, April 24, 2008

AWOL again

I know posting has been lighter than usual for a few weeks due to various factors (ok, work) but now I have house-guests for the next week or so, so it's about to drop to zero or thereabouts for a little while.

Consider this your open thread for registering Ray's rhetorical ramblings. Or just let Catherine-Lucia do all the work...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Valencia vs Getafe, April 16th

Copa del Ray! Thanks to Eric for the reminder.

Ecstasy for Koeman and the boys with the bats on their shirts, they come out like bats out of hell. This game rocks and rolls at the start, it never let up. But it's Valencia's bats that draw first blood. Vampires they are here tonight, and he's hungry for blood...
Ray Hudson, 3:51 1st

Typical ladies, there, chatting away, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. There's a game on!
Ray Hudson, 13:11 1st

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Atlético Madrid vs Real Betis, April 19th

This is pure trail-blazing power-hit by Kun. There ain't much about him, but there ain't much about a barrel of TNT either. This is a powder-keg hit from the Argentine man...
Ray Hudson, 25:09 1st

There's no question here, that's fully intended, he's got his target locked in, Xisco, and he goes calypso!
Ray Hudson
Could have sworn it was going to be disco. But anyway...
Phil Schoen, 4:27 2nd

Monday, April 14, 2008


One year since this. It seemed such a harmless idea at the time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recreativo Huelva vs Barcelona, April 12th

He's going disco in a big way after this one. And I mean a big way. This is Barry White disco, this hit. And let the music play, Barcelona. What a scorcher by Samuel, brilliant control, this is all deadly technique. This is practice ground hitting, but not for Samuel Eto'o, because come show time the big man gets up and dances like Fred Astaire...
Ray Hudson, 45:50 2nd

This is a Glenn Close finish, Phil. Just when you think she's a goner, she lurches up and she sinks the knife into you...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Barcelona vs Getafe, April 6th

He likes that service. That's better than Mercedes-Benz gets...
Ray Hudson, 18:05 1st

Call the exorcist! Unbelievable! It seems like there's a spell over Barcelona and an exorcist is required in the building...
Ray Hudson, 68:36 2nd

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Real Mallorca vs Real Madrid, April 5th

Arjen Robben skips the light fandango, does cartwheels across the floor. Wesley Sneijder comes in, he's like Ming the Merciless, ruthless...
Ray Hudson, half-time

This is a absolute hit out of the blue for poor Bernd Schuster. I was saying that midfield is developing holes the size of black holes in space. They were falling apart. Again, the ball's laid off, nobody's staying with this run. Valero curls it in, heavenly, past Casillas. Ibagaza leads it to touch off by Arango, Valero steers this ball with big seeing eyes. This isn't just fly's eye vision, this is mutant fly's eye vision...
Ray Hudson, 72:01 2nd

Not saying you're right or wrong but you know that the microscope...
Phil Schoen
No, I'm saying I'm right.
Ray Hudson, 91:42, 2nd

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Madrid vs Sevilla, March 30th

Wow! What a payback! How do you like those potatoes?
Ray Hudson
Two. Nine. Zero. For Raúl. Number two all-time for Real Madrid, and they've taken the lead again.
Phil Schoen
Once more Raúl Madrid comes out and answers in the most pernicious way. Sends his kisses up to the crowd, and it comes flooding back down. Wesley Sneijder turns, sees it, dishes it over the top, beautiful ball in, and then again, all desire, all hunger, all Raúl. Beautiful control, wouldn't be laid off, wouldn't be pushed off, spins, capitalises, disco in the stands. Bernd, give us a smile.
Ray Hudson, 38:45 1st

Raúl, he is cool as ice, and he pours lovely Johnny Walker over the cubes. Beautiful. Weren't done yet. This was probably the most romantic flash of inspiration by Real Madrid. Superlative vision, and Higauín arrives by stealth to convert Guti's piece of jewelry.
Ray Hudson, post-game

Valencia vs Real Mallorca, March 30th

It's gone from the ridiculous to the bloody ridiculous, bizarre.
Ray Hudson, 86:44 2nd

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The End of an Era

An absolute bombshell from the Miami Herald last night:

Color commentator Ray Hudson has left GolTV with immediate effect after the network reached an agreement with ESPN to buy out the remainder of his contract. It is understood he will be featuring in ESPN2's coverage of the 2008 Major League Lacrosse season. GolTV producer Helberth Ariza said "It is hard for the smaller sports networks like us to compete with the big boys like ESPN. Some transfer of talent is inevitable. They did offer us Tommy Smyth in part-exchange but we made it clear that would be a deal-breaker."

Mr. Hudson arrived yesterday in Bristol, Connecticut, and has already started reviewing ESPN's library of MLL action. ESPN spokesperson Avril Sciocco said "As the worldwide leader in sports, naturally we had received thousands of emails from soccer fans bringing our attention to this talented and exciting individual. However, with no positions open in our Major League Soccer and UEFA Champions League coverage, Ray Hudson will be bringing his unique style to another fast-growing sport. This will build on the success ESPN has had with announcers crossing-over from other sports, such as Dave O'Brien and Dawn Staley."

Anyone who heard baseball announcer O'Brien's dismal performances during the World Cup, or WNBA star Staley's (possibly drunken) outbursts during Bass Saturday may disagree. Personally, as a soccer fan this is obviously terrible news, but to be honest I am a little glad that I'll be able to take a break from blogging until the Rochester Rattlers meet the Long Island Lizards on May 17th.

Update (from reader Alton) - I of all people should have known that Dawn Staley's TV career would have at least one fan.

Another update - email from fusion77:
i drive past the gol tv offices every day. this morning i actually stopped by to see if anything was happening. there were a couple of people hanging around outside who i think were reporters. i couldn't stay long but i did see one large man arrive. he wouldn't answer any of their questions but i did hear him sobbing quietly in a familiar baritone.