Sunday, November 23, 2008

A reader writes ...

"Hi, did you abandon this site :( ?"

Well, let's call it a semi-permanent hiatus, until DishNetwork and GolTV come to their senses.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 37. Still no sign of land.

Well, channel 407 has dropped off Dish completely, it's the night before La Liga starts, and the GolTV website doesn't foresee any compromise in the near future. I'm not feeling hopeful about this.

Can anyone out there do my job for me this weekend? Hit the comments...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mensaje Importante

I still got nothing. Anyone still out there?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Like a xylophone hammer all over your consciousness

First, Brian at The Run of Play, one of my favourite blogs, featured Ray Hudson as the subject of his Tuesday Portrait, er, last week (hey, it's summer, gimme a break).

Second, Dish Network has dropped GolTV. Guess where I get my GolTV? Yup. Dish blame "GolTV’s decision to impose unreasonable contract terms". The Gaffer has a source who says that Dish want to lower the fee they are paying GolTV per subscriber. I'm hoping one side or the other will blink (preferably Dish, but I suspect they have the stronger bargaining position) before the European seasons start. If not, I'm in big trouble; for some reason, Mrs Hudsonland isn't going to give up her Dish.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Off-season Housekeeping

I think Ray mentioned a couple of times in recent broadcasts that he would be heading back to Britain for the summer - hope you enjoy the break, Ray, and come back refreshed and ready for next season. Until then we have Euro2008 and endless transfer speculation to keep us occupied. And some MLS if we get really desperate.

This is as good a time as any to thank the 23,000 or so visitors the blog has had over the last year, especially the 273 who appear to read this about as often as I update it. I was getting a little tired (and lazy) towards the end of this season, so thanks for sticking with me.

Adam at This Is American Soccer did a good interview with Ray recently which you fine people can read at this link here. He also has another interesting interview with the GolTV COO here.

In my non-Ray Hudson-centric life, I've been playing with Twitter for a few months and have found it to be an interesting tool in many ways, so I've set up a Hudsonland account which you should be able to see at the top of the sidebar to the right. I think I'll use it to micro-blog things which wouldn't otherwise warrant a blog post, such as far-fetched excuses for taking two weeks to get around to watch matches.

Other than that, I have no plans for major changes around here in the off-season, primarily because I can't be arsed to think about it. Hey, give me a break, it's too hot.

Y'all enjoy your summer.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Roma vs Internazionale, May 24th

That is an absolutely Caberet goal and Mexes is Liza Minnelli.
Ray Hudson, half-time

Monday, May 19, 2008

Real Madrid vs Levante, May 18th

Look at the height that he gets on it to get it over the wall, and the accuracy. The curvaceousness is better than Dolly Parton...
Ray Hudson, 9:41 2nd

Friday, May 9, 2008

Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich, May 4th

Ray Hudson likes beer.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Atlético Madrid vs Recreativo Huelva, May 3rd

You know who wears the pants in that family.
Ray Hudson
He wears the padded shorts.
Phil Schoen
You sympathise severely, as well, Phil. You being in the same predicament, my friend. Giselle, little Peruvian diamond... Gone very quiet over there, Phil...
Ray Hudson, 17:40 1st

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao, April 27th

You're not gonna get statistics out for the rest of this season and say that there's a better goalkeeper in La Liga, are you Phil? Because if you are I'm going to hit you in your big head.
Ray Hudson, 34:10 2nd

Thursday, April 24, 2008

AWOL again

I know posting has been lighter than usual for a few weeks due to various factors (ok, work) but now I have house-guests for the next week or so, so it's about to drop to zero or thereabouts for a little while.

Consider this your open thread for registering Ray's rhetorical ramblings. Or just let Catherine-Lucia do all the work...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Valencia vs Getafe, April 16th

Copa del Ray! Thanks to Eric for the reminder.

Ecstasy for Koeman and the boys with the bats on their shirts, they come out like bats out of hell. This game rocks and rolls at the start, it never let up. But it's Valencia's bats that draw first blood. Vampires they are here tonight, and he's hungry for blood...
Ray Hudson, 3:51 1st

Typical ladies, there, chatting away, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. There's a game on!
Ray Hudson, 13:11 1st

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Atlético Madrid vs Real Betis, April 19th

This is pure trail-blazing power-hit by Kun. There ain't much about him, but there ain't much about a barrel of TNT either. This is a powder-keg hit from the Argentine man...
Ray Hudson, 25:09 1st

There's no question here, that's fully intended, he's got his target locked in, Xisco, and he goes calypso!
Ray Hudson
Could have sworn it was going to be disco. But anyway...
Phil Schoen, 4:27 2nd

Monday, April 14, 2008


One year since this. It seemed such a harmless idea at the time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recreativo Huelva vs Barcelona, April 12th

He's going disco in a big way after this one. And I mean a big way. This is Barry White disco, this hit. And let the music play, Barcelona. What a scorcher by Samuel, brilliant control, this is all deadly technique. This is practice ground hitting, but not for Samuel Eto'o, because come show time the big man gets up and dances like Fred Astaire...
Ray Hudson, 45:50 2nd

This is a Glenn Close finish, Phil. Just when you think she's a goner, she lurches up and she sinks the knife into you...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Barcelona vs Getafe, April 6th

He likes that service. That's better than Mercedes-Benz gets...
Ray Hudson, 18:05 1st

Call the exorcist! Unbelievable! It seems like there's a spell over Barcelona and an exorcist is required in the building...
Ray Hudson, 68:36 2nd

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Real Mallorca vs Real Madrid, April 5th

Arjen Robben skips the light fandango, does cartwheels across the floor. Wesley Sneijder comes in, he's like Ming the Merciless, ruthless...
Ray Hudson, half-time

This is a absolute hit out of the blue for poor Bernd Schuster. I was saying that midfield is developing holes the size of black holes in space. They were falling apart. Again, the ball's laid off, nobody's staying with this run. Valero curls it in, heavenly, past Casillas. Ibagaza leads it to touch off by Arango, Valero steers this ball with big seeing eyes. This isn't just fly's eye vision, this is mutant fly's eye vision...
Ray Hudson, 72:01 2nd

Not saying you're right or wrong but you know that the microscope...
Phil Schoen
No, I'm saying I'm right.
Ray Hudson, 91:42, 2nd

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Madrid vs Sevilla, March 30th

Wow! What a payback! How do you like those potatoes?
Ray Hudson
Two. Nine. Zero. For Raúl. Number two all-time for Real Madrid, and they've taken the lead again.
Phil Schoen
Once more Raúl Madrid comes out and answers in the most pernicious way. Sends his kisses up to the crowd, and it comes flooding back down. Wesley Sneijder turns, sees it, dishes it over the top, beautiful ball in, and then again, all desire, all hunger, all Raúl. Beautiful control, wouldn't be laid off, wouldn't be pushed off, spins, capitalises, disco in the stands. Bernd, give us a smile.
Ray Hudson, 38:45 1st

Raúl, he is cool as ice, and he pours lovely Johnny Walker over the cubes. Beautiful. Weren't done yet. This was probably the most romantic flash of inspiration by Real Madrid. Superlative vision, and Higauín arrives by stealth to convert Guti's piece of jewelry.
Ray Hudson, post-game

Valencia vs Real Mallorca, March 30th

It's gone from the ridiculous to the bloody ridiculous, bizarre.
Ray Hudson, 86:44 2nd

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The End of an Era

An absolute bombshell from the Miami Herald last night:

Color commentator Ray Hudson has left GolTV with immediate effect after the network reached an agreement with ESPN to buy out the remainder of his contract. It is understood he will be featuring in ESPN2's coverage of the 2008 Major League Lacrosse season. GolTV producer Helberth Ariza said "It is hard for the smaller sports networks like us to compete with the big boys like ESPN. Some transfer of talent is inevitable. They did offer us Tommy Smyth in part-exchange but we made it clear that would be a deal-breaker."

Mr. Hudson arrived yesterday in Bristol, Connecticut, and has already started reviewing ESPN's library of MLL action. ESPN spokesperson Avril Sciocco said "As the worldwide leader in sports, naturally we had received thousands of emails from soccer fans bringing our attention to this talented and exciting individual. However, with no positions open in our Major League Soccer and UEFA Champions League coverage, Ray Hudson will be bringing his unique style to another fast-growing sport. This will build on the success ESPN has had with announcers crossing-over from other sports, such as Dave O'Brien and Dawn Staley."

Anyone who heard baseball announcer O'Brien's dismal performances during the World Cup, or WNBA star Staley's (possibly drunken) outbursts during Bass Saturday may disagree. Personally, as a soccer fan this is obviously terrible news, but to be honest I am a little glad that I'll be able to take a break from blogging until the Rochester Rattlers meet the Long Island Lizards on May 17th.

Update (from reader Alton) - I of all people should have known that Dawn Staley's TV career would have at least one fan.

Another update - email from fusion77:
i drive past the gol tv offices every day. this morning i actually stopped by to see if anything was happening. there were a couple of people hanging around outside who i think were reporters. i couldn't stay long but i did see one large man arrive. he wouldn't answer any of their questions but i did hear him sobbing quietly in a familiar baritone.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Real Betis vs Barcelona, March 29th

This team in green and white have been really as harmless as Tweety Bird...
Ray Hudson, 38:50 1st

It was tremendous football by Barcelona - dynamic, adroit, clever, waspish, cheeky and zippy. Well, I may just have mentioned all the seven dwarfs there, Phil, but they were looking that good and hot. Meanwhile Betis were looking like they were carrying handbags and lipstick...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Don't be sexist, Phil. Broads hate that.
Ray Hudson, 6:28 2nd

Barcelona falling apart like a ten-year block of old cheese, now.
Ray Hudson, 30:50 2nd

Nuremberg vs Bayern Munich, March 29th

The underdogs with the big teeth come out growling. Misimović, I was saying, keep your eyes on the number ten, he's the top marksman, and what a marksman! This is a fabulous strike. He sees it over the top, he dishes it off nicely, Misimović. That's accurate to the tenth degree. Fabulous ball. It's not all about power, because without control power means nothing. Well Misimović gets all of the control right. The gyroscope is working to perfection...
Ray Hudson, 43:28 1st

Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Weekend Retreat

Back sometime Sunday. Feel free to discuss quotes and leitmotifs from this weekend's games in this here open thread.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Egypt vs Argentina, March 26th

They may not be the most illuminating with the football, but, man, they are tighter than a fish's backside.
Ray Hudson, 65:06 2nd

And the little man comes alive. Beautiful first touch, here, settles it, brilliantly, rifles it, near the top of the net. Look at this for a first touch, heavenly. Velvet feet, and then they turn into fists of fury. Dagger finish by Kun Agüero. Waiting in the long grass, I said in the first half, well, the little scorpion just jumps out and stings Egypt.
Ray Hudson, 66:11 2nd

First touch, caresses it, settles it, puts it on a golf tee and then, whack! Rifles it with his driver. Beautiful, hole in one.
Ray Hudson, 86:10

Monday, March 24, 2008

Real Madrid vs Valencia, March 23rd

Go back to the first picture.
Ray Hudson, 6:37 1st

That's like being hit by Muhammad Ali, that one [...] And he is seeing pink elephants going up the wall right now...
Ray Hudson, 29:03 1st

Mouth wide open, sucking in flies, Robinho. Cannot believe that this one doesn't find its way in. Hocus pocus football again by the Brazilian. Freezing his defenders, tapping them on the head and dancing around them. Brilliant ...
Ray Hudson, 30:07 2nd

Chairmen nervous. They've got their millions to keep them warm though, don't worry about them.
Ray Hudson, 31:43 2nd

Barcelona vs Real Valladolid, March 23rd

He holds onto the ball, ice-cold. He freezes the defence of Real Valladolid and eventually he finds his team-mate. And he ain't gonna miss this. It's a nice tuck-away finish by Eto'o but believe me, this is all the kid. The kid stays in this picture, alright. Look at him, he gets the ball, he looks up, there's nothing on, he doesn't flight it in, he doesn't panic, he freezes them. He dances wide, then he finds the target. Brilliant Bojan Krkić! Magic Eto'o, all this young lad.
Ray Hudson, 23:27 1st

He had more rough edges about him than a pineapple...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Incredible power, Hoover Dam power again, by Yaya...
Ray Hudson, 53:27 2nd

This kid could be the best thing on two legs since Sophia Loren...
Ray Hudson, 61:43 2nd

Valdés has got his boots made in China - they're full of lead. He stays on his line, he's got to come and claim this one. Ah, the lads are talking under their breath - 'What the hell's Victor been on this morning? Must have been that salmon salad that he had for breakfast because he's looking awfully wobbly, Victor'.
Ray Hudson, 65:15 2nd

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back Sunday Night. Or Monday.

Away for the weekend in an internet and tv-free zone. Consider this thread open for this weekend's games, as requested.

Valencia vs Barcelona, March 20th

I called that a pig, I take that back, it's a cow. My excuses to the barnyard animal...
Ray Hudson, pre-game

He loves a challenge, Eto'o. He wants the holes in golf made smaller.
Ray Hudson, 80:11 2nd

So, with ten minutes left, Valencia back on Occam's razor.
Phil Schoen, 80:38 2nd
[yes, it's Phil, but it's so Hudsonesque]

This belongs up there with Russian caviar, Dom Pérignon, and Muhammad Ali, that strike from Baraja...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Racing Santander vs Getafe, March 19th

Mamma mia! Well, he's feeling them alright, he should be counting them.
Ray Hudson, 6:47 2nd

So many thrills and spills. Great drama, great action. Shakespeare's on on channel two, on the other station, it's got nothing on this one. Virtually hard to find, to get words in...
Ray Hudson, 15:24 2nd

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pachuca vs Cruz Azul, February 23rd

GolTv play-by-play announcer Pablo Alsina (the future Mr. Johansson) doesn't just cover games alongside Professor Unsein, he also hosts GolTv news every weekday, and consequently sees more soccer videos from around the world than Éver Banega sees empty Kleenex boxes. From amongst this regular global feast of football, Pablo has selected this one particular clip to share with Hudsonia. (not for the very easily offended)

Whether she uses Bosom Max or Sauna Twin will likely remain a mystery.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almería vs Barcelona, March 16th

He lays it down on a golden altar. Iniesta comes in, Alves spills, Bojan pounces, disco.
Ray Hudson, 17:11 1st

Warrior! Can't believe it. It was really just a cat's lick, wasn't it?
Ray Hudson
Big cat.
Phil Schoen
With big teeth, Puyol...
Ray Hudson, 30:23 1st

Where is the defending though, Phil? Barcelona go to sleep! Corona feeds Pulido with a beautiful ball but somebody has got his thumb stuck somewhere where it shouldn't be...
Ray Hudson, 32:45 1st

Almería couldn't contain Iniesta with a net, or a trident...
Ray Hudson, half-time

The defence for Barcelona looks like they've just had a close encounter of the third kind, they're just standing around, statues of liberties...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Break-dancing in the penalty box - shouldn't be allowed...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Brave header. It's a dynamic snap of his head, the neck muscles twitch, the ball settles in the back of Valdés' net and he goes absolutely acrobatic disco...
Ray Hudson, 40:13 2nd

Corona'll be buying the beers tonight...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deportivo La Coruña vs Real Madrid, March 15th

The young Canadian, De Guzman, kind of making headlines this week. Said that if he's able to score a goal, what, what was it exactly Ray?
Phil Schoen
He actually said, De Guzman, that he, he scores against Iker Casillas, he will go without carnal knowledge of any female for a full year, no sex for a year. Oh, why does he want to put that pressure on himself?
Ray Hudson
Either way he's a winner.
Phil Schoen
What's the incentive to score? He's punishing himself.
Ray Hudson, 1:33 1st

You and your single entendres, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 35:03 1st

This offence for Real Deportivo, about as expressive as a set of fence posts, really, nothing, little pop-gun shot at Iker, and Xisco has been on a starvation diet of anorexic proportions...
Ray Hudson, half time

Guti is, he's a complete enigma, wrapped in, in the proverbial mystery, of a puzzle.
Ray Hudson, 15:30 2nd

Barcelona vs Villarreal, March 9th

He's not feeling that wrist any more, or maybe he is, but he won't mind. That's a brilliant turn by Guillermo Franco, absolutely brilliant. Argentine-born, of course, Franco, plays for Mexico...
Ray Hudson, 30:06 1st

Xavi's the one that punctures the net but it's all Iniesta, this. Brilliant run down this left side, taking player after player on, bravely. Look at this, beautiful slipped-in ball, challenges, takes him on, goes to the line, the pull-back's beautiful, outside of the foot. Textbook Xavi. Look at this by little Iniesta, squirreling away, he's got his head up, big bug-eyes, taking the defender on, outside of the foot, red-carpet pass. Barcelona back! Beautiful touch by Ronaldinho. Great slalom run by Iniesta, triggers it in, takes a touch off Godín. The substitute, the kid, goes disco.
Ray Hudson, 66:28 2nd

There's that lovely little touch by Eto'o that opens the window, then the door, then the bear-trap.
Ray Hudson, 70:55 2nd

This is an exemplary goal. Tomasson taps it in, but you've got to look at his team-mates for this, cause the true value of this goal is in the support. It's a lovely slipped-in ball here, he keeps on running, he wants the return, he's fed in, the square ball's begging, and it's provided. Beautiful football by the yellow submarine.
Ray Hudson, 80:14 2nd

Friday, March 14, 2008

Real Madrid vs Espanyol, March 8th

Baptista breaking the heavens with his cries. Look at this, that's going in the net, and jungle cat-quick, Kameni, Cameroonian springboard in operation there. Brilliant save.
Ray Hudson, 36:54 1st

I don't know if I've ever seen Casillas just misjudge something like that.
Phil Schoen
His halo just slipped down, that's all. It happens.
Ray Hudson
Right over his eyes?
Phil Schoen
Ray Hudson, 11:30 2nd

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Atlético Madrid vs Barcelona and Recreativo Huelva vs Real Madrid, March 1st

This is not normal. He's not normal, he never has been. He lives in the magnetic spectrum. What a goal this is. Beyond world-class. Astonishing. Cooler than a bomb disposal expert. Abbiati has no chance on this. Unbelievable ball played in, but look at what he's got to do, Phil. Acrobatic, turns himself upside-down, inside-out, it's all power, it's all direction, it's all bloody heavenly is what it is. Out of this universe. The ball isn't dropping like you usually see it, he makes it flush-on. That is amazing piece of football finishing by King Ronaldinho.
Ray Hudson, 29:13 1st

I love your statistics, my friend, but we've just seen poetry. So, you explain that with statistics. You explain that piece of finishing to me, and put that in your record books and smoke it, because there's no describing that. You think that that's just an overhead kick? You're dead wrong. I know you don't, but that is absolutely orgasmic finish.
Ray Hudson, 31:15 1st

What a goal from Ronaldinho, if you stepped away to grab some chips, you might want to hold on at half time to watch it. Cause it'll be on the front page of every sports section in Spain tomorrow.
Phil Schoen
You step away to get chips when Barcelona's playing, you've got a screw loose.
Ray Hudson, 38:22 1st

Simão, a complete box of toys that Zambrotta cannot contain...
Ray Hudson, 39:09 1st

This is a goal fused by the sheer, white-hot brilliance of Kun Agüero. The little Argie comes out and sinks his fangs into Barcelona...
Ray Hudson, 41:36 1st

It's onside, linesman, keep your flag down. Your village is missing their idiot...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Let me tell you. Every player sees a vision of a goal like every artist sees a starry night, but it takes a Van Gogh to capture the moment...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Spider-Man again, comes out and weaves his web all over the goal.
Ray Hudson, 7:35 2nd

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barcelona vs Valencia, February 27th

That was beautiful football by Barca.
Ray Hudson
Deserved a goal. But you don't get beauty points.
Phil Schoen
You should.
Ray Hudson, 50:26 2nd
(from Catherine-Lucia)

Again, just spirograph football by Barcelona...
Ray Hudson, 67:59 2nd

Big, black, jungle cat. What a ball played into him by Yaya, fabulous, steered in, curls it heavenly, but look at that save! Man, he is absolutely on fire in this game, Hildebrand.
Ray Hudson, 88:11 2nd

Two wonderful gladiator heroes for each other's team. Flew their flag higher than Nelson's column...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bayern Munich vs Hamburg, February 24th

That's payback for that elbow that he took earlier. Are all Peruvians that way, Phil? I know you're married to a lovely lass.
Ray Hudson
She finds a way to elbow where the bruises don't show.
Phil Schoen, 79:20 2nd

Pablo Alsina has a Posse Blog

GolTV's fiery Pablo Alsina has been calling games recently alongside the encyclopedic Rafa Unsein. They've started reading emails from viewers during the match, which is a great way of connecting with the fans (although Pablo refused to read my Éver Banega joke over the air on the grounds of decency, yet was only too happy to broadcast my prediction of Levante getting a point against Barcelona just seconds before Messi scored). If you can catch Pablo and Rafa doing a game live, drop them a line.

Also, Pablo has started his own blog - he's only written a couple of posts so far but it looks promising. I really enjoyed his list of 'moments I can't live without' (although I could have lived without the inclusion of Maradona slicing through the England defence). He's a friend of Hudsonia, so please go check it out and leave him a comment or something.

Real Madrid vs Getafe, February 24th

This is a staggering goal against the Madridistas hearts. Just when they're jumping up and down celebrating, there's a spear thrust through Iker Casillas' heart. He is helpless on this tidal-wave attack. When we go back to the initial goal, Real Madrid are all celebrating. Getafe were awarded an infraction, they take it and they are off to the races, there's no defence, they're all celebrating in the corner, Real Madrid think it's a goal. Guti bursts his lungs to get back, he's got no help. Incredible drama. Astonishing stuff.
Ray Hudson, 18:38 2nd

The underdog showing teeth the size of a walrus, here, today...
Ray Hudson, 32:11 2nd

Getafe jump to light-speed and Uche pulls out his light-sabre and cuts off Real Madrid's head...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sevilla vs Real Zaragoza, February 23rd

Are you kidding me? This is celestial football by the whites. Look at the coach! The Mister is having a physical arousal on that sideline. This is absolutely brilliant football again by the whites. Get up out of your Barcelonas - Barcaloungers and applaud like these people. This is stripping football again. One, two, three. Look at the movement, look at the pinpoint passing. This is domino football, brilliantly fed in by beautiful, fabulous Fabiano. Stabs it, the clinical finish is brilliant in itself, but look at this red-carpet passing, Phil. Magical! Magic!
Ray Hudson, 24:09 1st

Poor Sevilla fans, you've got to feel sorry for them because their hands must be red-raw with applauding...
Ray Hudson, 33:22 1st

Maresca makes an awful big drama out of it. Probably stabs his potatoes at his dinner-time as well...
Ray Hudson, 35:33 1st

He does it the strange, weirding way. And poor César says 'something wicked this way comes' in the shape of Frédéric Kanouté. And even the ref is having a laugh. Beautiful slipped-in ball by Fabiano, look at this for dexterity from the big man. He goes down, it may be given as an own goal against Diogo. Let's take a look, Frédéric drags it in, there's a challenge, it comes off somebody. I'm not sure if it comes off Frédéric but he doesn't care because the weirding way comes alive.
Ray Hudson, 42:58 1st

Showy, visceral and sexy, Kanouté. Just like me.
Ray Hudson, half-time

This game is put to bed with four hot water bottles, here.
Ray Hudson, 57:45 2nd

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona, February 16th

A fabulous footballer, Diego Milito. And this is such a bad penalty, I'll not pollute my mouth describing it...
Ray Hudson, 42:38 1st (video)
(Suggested by Jim)

Hi Guys!

I'm playing with some video software. Hopefully this will eventually go some way towards making up for blogging a big fat zero quotes this weekend.


Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona and Atlético Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Nothing really stood out for me - any suggestions in comments? (preferably with an approximate time)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid, February 10th

Must stay at least 100 yards away from

Simply magnificent goal by Real Madrid. This goes way deep. Don't look at the end or the finish. Look at it deeper, deeper. A beautiful lead-ball over the top. Beautiful feed by Guti. [They're in long ?]. Beautiful pass here. He drags it into the box, and he dispatches brilliantly. Robben it is that finds him, he's onside, he rattles the back of the net. Beautiful providing. You can watch this one all day if you're a Real Madrid fan. He looked like Sophia Loren walking up a flight of stairs - absolutely beautiful.
Ray Hudson, 8:16 1st

This is what Bernd Schuster wants. This is what the Madridistas want. Not just ruthless, this is sadistic...
Ray Hudson, 33:01 1st

He's got to adjust that back line and drop them deeper because they've just cut their own throats today and Real Madrid are just playing in their blood.
Ray Hudson, 39:10 1st

The rhythm is there, here today, man. More rhythm in these white shirts now than a half a dozen Jamaican kettle-drums.
Ray Hudson, 43:15 1st

Brilliant run. Timing to perfection. Swivels his hips like Marilyn Monroe as he puts it in...
Ray Hudson, 44:11 1st

You can hear a drop of salsa hitting a chimichanga in that Valladolid locker-room.
Ray Hudson, 44:54 1st

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sevilla vs Barcelona, February 9th

Fabulous, Kanouté. Beautiful streaking run, and then he turns the brakes on. These are Ferrari ceramic brakes...
Ray Hudson, 29:46 1st

VfB Stuttgart vs Hertha Berlin, February 9th

It doesn't matter if it hits him in the face, you've got to forget that, Phil. It's Hilbert, he's not a good-looking lad in the first place...
Ray Hudson, 3:26 1st

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hudsonia Salutes Paul Giblin

I don't get to watch La Liga games on WorldSport as often as I would like. Paul Giblin and Sid Lowe (of the Guardian Unlimited blog and podcast) provide great commentary - they're funny, knowledgeable and passionate (and actually in the stadium!) Today was Paul's last game for WorldSport, as he is returning to work in his hometown. And if it wasn't already going to be his last game, it probably would have been after this 'slight outburst' (Paul is an Athletic Bilbao supporter and doesn't mind letting it show).

Thanks, Paul, you will be missed.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Real Madrid vs Villarreal, January 27th

It's been Gago that has been the glue of this side. In fact, I nickname him Gago Glue.
Ray Hudson
I wonder if that's going to stick.
Phil Schoen, 25:59 1st

Real Mallorca vs Atlético Madrid, January 27th

They've got more crazy rules than Blockbuster video these referees with the offside rule these days, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 27:05 1st

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sevilla vs Osasuna, January 26th

That still might be in. Remember the entire ball... One molecule of yellow and that should still count if it's over the line.
Phil Schoen
A molecule? I don't think the referee's assistants can see the sub-atomic, Phil.
Ray Hudson
Sometimes it looks like they're trying with offside. In fact, sometimes they're looking at anti-matter.
Phil Schoen, 9:14 1st

This man comes onto the attack beautifully, Sola. Kike Sola. This is a Sola eclipse of the defence of Sevilla...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid, January 20th

It's not the cleanest of finish by the oranje man but it serves its purpose and it puts Atlético Madrid into a state of depression that Charles Dickens would do well, or he'd struggle to convey...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Friday, January 18, 2008

Real Madrid vs Mallorca, January 16th

Just killing out the clock, right now.
Phil Schoen
Now, does that hurt the fabric of eternity when they do that?
Ray Hudson, 45:58 2nd

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Levante vs Real Madrid, January 13th

Well, he's called Felix. Let's see what he can you-know-what.
Ray Hudson, 86:20 2nd

And that is a gigabyte of skill in a nanosecond from old horsey-face.
Ray Hudson, 87:59 2nd

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Barcelona vs Real Murcia, January 12th

Well, they've cracked the defensive code there and safe-cracker Eidur comes out with the lovely stethoscopes and the twinkling little fingers and he undoes them. He's a cat-burglar on this goal, Phil. He steals in with stealth...
Ray Hudson, 26:40 1st

Plays it in front of him, and Bojan could put that away balancing a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale on his head...
Ray Hudson, 52:37 2nd

Aw, this is such a shame, this would have been a heavenly goal from the kid. He's hearing this deafening applause because they know brilliance. This is class in a glass, look at that cut-back. Sees it, curls it. Aw, agonisingly close, brilliant on the pace, that's beautiful. It misses and I love it.
Ray Hudson, 64:50 2nd

That's a bad celebration lads. Keep that for the disco. But keep this beautiful football coming for us all...
Ray Hudson, 76:30 2nd

Thierry's off to the races and that is time-warp pace. He actually folds space, Einstein-like, Thierry. And he doesn't miss these ones. And he says 'I'll buy you my dance tonight, my son.'
Ray Hudson, 77:17 2nd

He has had peppercorn down his shorts, today, Eto'o. And who are they playing? The Paprika Men. So, very apt.
Ray Hudson, 87:47 2nd

Friday, January 11, 2008

Real Mallorca vs Real Madrid, January 10th

Look at this for a hit. This is an expletive-deleted hit by Higuaín. Majestic, paralysing effort, stick of dynamite, mucho gusto, razzles it past the helpless Moyà.
Ray Hudson, half-time

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ton Up

This is the 100th post on Hudsonia and, to mark the occasion, here are 100 29 soundbytes courtesy of Al in DC (this is actually less than half of the audio clips Al has sent me). I believe they are mainly from American Soccer and from GolTV's World Cup show from 2006. So, magisterial thanks to Al, and thanks to all readers of Hudsonia over the last 100 posts, especially those that have left comments or sent emails. Y'all are crazy.

[Update: Typical. The day I post 29 mp3s, crawls to a standstill. I've switched to a different mp3 player. We'll see how it works out]






























Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza, January 6th

Sergío Garcia lays it off, right-footed, shot goes off of the post.
Kelly O'Donnell
Casillas does it again! This time he leaves it to his big white skinny friend standing up behind him. He knows he's there. Iker gets his angles right, says 'Skinny boy at the back, stand up for me'. His back-man's covering him, goalkeeper's friend indeed. That time Iker Casillas is beaten but his will denies Zaragoza again. Really think he just wished for it away, Kelly. That's how brilliantly he is playing.
Ray Hudson, 15:31 2nd

Brilliant by Robinho, again. Got better biomechanics than a peregrine falcon, Robinho. Great accuracy to find van Nistelrooy. He ain't going to miss this one. You can tie him up, wrap him up in cellophane and he'd still get this one. Brilliant by Robinho, he lifts his head, and again, perfect delivery. The executioner brings out the big guillotine and slices the head off poor Zaragoza. Cruel game, but that's Real Madrid's DNA. One chance, they'll kill you. As long as they've got Iker in goal, it's always going to be that way. Tortuous for the Madridistas, but it's heavenly now.
Ray Hudson, 21:11 2nd

Bernd Schuster was brought here to ride the footballing waves of Hawaii with stylistic football, and he's still on a roller-skate, Kelly, he is still skateboarding with this team, man, it cannot be denied...
Ray Hudson, 22:29 2nd

And for Real Zaragoza we can look back on those words - 'Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been.'
Ray Hudson, 39:55 2nd

Look at this save. Cat-like, jungle-like, quick. Big puma. Big, beautiful, brave gladiator goalkeeper. Spartacus, I called him. Mix in a bit of octopus. Beautiful.
Ray Hudson, post-game

This is a cheerleader goal, and Robinho brings out his big pom-poms.
Ray Hudson, post-game

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Real Mallorca vs Barcelona, January 5th

Terrible, terrible finish by Xavi, that's real crème de la milk finish.
Ray Hudson, half-time

Well, the Indians would call him a medicine man because he's just provided absolute magic out of nowhere. Rafa attacks this ball beautifully and his headband kisses it heavenly past poor Lux...
Ray Hudson, 17:52 2nd