Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barcelona vs Valencia, February 27th

That was beautiful football by Barca.
Ray Hudson
Deserved a goal. But you don't get beauty points.
Phil Schoen
You should.
Ray Hudson, 50:26 2nd
(from Catherine-Lucia)

Again, just spirograph football by Barcelona...
Ray Hudson, 67:59 2nd

Big, black, jungle cat. What a ball played into him by Yaya, fabulous, steered in, curls it heavenly, but look at that save! Man, he is absolutely on fire in this game, Hildebrand.
Ray Hudson, 88:11 2nd

Two wonderful gladiator heroes for each other's team. Flew their flag higher than Nelson's column...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bayern Munich vs Hamburg, February 24th

That's payback for that elbow that he took earlier. Are all Peruvians that way, Phil? I know you're married to a lovely lass.
Ray Hudson
She finds a way to elbow where the bruises don't show.
Phil Schoen, 79:20 2nd

Pablo Alsina has a Posse Blog

GolTV's fiery Pablo Alsina has been calling games recently alongside the encyclopedic Rafa Unsein. They've started reading emails from viewers during the match, which is a great way of connecting with the fans (although Pablo refused to read my Éver Banega joke over the air on the grounds of decency, yet was only too happy to broadcast my prediction of Levante getting a point against Barcelona just seconds before Messi scored). If you can catch Pablo and Rafa doing a game live, drop them a line.

Also, Pablo has started his own blog - he's only written a couple of posts so far but it looks promising. I really enjoyed his list of 'moments I can't live without' (although I could have lived without the inclusion of Maradona slicing through the England defence). He's a friend of Hudsonia, so please go check it out and leave him a comment or something.

Real Madrid vs Getafe, February 24th

This is a staggering goal against the Madridistas hearts. Just when they're jumping up and down celebrating, there's a spear thrust through Iker Casillas' heart. He is helpless on this tidal-wave attack. When we go back to the initial goal, Real Madrid are all celebrating. Getafe were awarded an infraction, they take it and they are off to the races, there's no defence, they're all celebrating in the corner, Real Madrid think it's a goal. Guti bursts his lungs to get back, he's got no help. Incredible drama. Astonishing stuff.
Ray Hudson, 18:38 2nd

The underdog showing teeth the size of a walrus, here, today...
Ray Hudson, 32:11 2nd

Getafe jump to light-speed and Uche pulls out his light-sabre and cuts off Real Madrid's head...
Ray Hudson, post-game

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sevilla vs Real Zaragoza, February 23rd

Are you kidding me? This is celestial football by the whites. Look at the coach! The Mister is having a physical arousal on that sideline. This is absolutely brilliant football again by the whites. Get up out of your Barcelonas - Barcaloungers and applaud like these people. This is stripping football again. One, two, three. Look at the movement, look at the pinpoint passing. This is domino football, brilliantly fed in by beautiful, fabulous Fabiano. Stabs it, the clinical finish is brilliant in itself, but look at this red-carpet passing, Phil. Magical! Magic!
Ray Hudson, 24:09 1st

Poor Sevilla fans, you've got to feel sorry for them because their hands must be red-raw with applauding...
Ray Hudson, 33:22 1st

Maresca makes an awful big drama out of it. Probably stabs his potatoes at his dinner-time as well...
Ray Hudson, 35:33 1st

He does it the strange, weirding way. And poor César says 'something wicked this way comes' in the shape of Frédéric Kanouté. And even the ref is having a laugh. Beautiful slipped-in ball by Fabiano, look at this for dexterity from the big man. He goes down, it may be given as an own goal against Diogo. Let's take a look, Frédéric drags it in, there's a challenge, it comes off somebody. I'm not sure if it comes off Frédéric but he doesn't care because the weirding way comes alive.
Ray Hudson, 42:58 1st

Showy, visceral and sexy, Kanouté. Just like me.
Ray Hudson, half-time

This game is put to bed with four hot water bottles, here.
Ray Hudson, 57:45 2nd

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona, February 16th

A fabulous footballer, Diego Milito. And this is such a bad penalty, I'll not pollute my mouth describing it...
Ray Hudson, 42:38 1st (video)
(Suggested by Jim)

Hi Guys!

I'm playing with some video software. Hopefully this will eventually go some way towards making up for blogging a big fat zero quotes this weekend.


Real Zaragoza vs Barcelona and Atlético Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao

Nothing really stood out for me - any suggestions in comments? (preferably with an approximate time)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Real Madrid vs Real Valladolid, February 10th

Must stay at least 100 yards away from

Simply magnificent goal by Real Madrid. This goes way deep. Don't look at the end or the finish. Look at it deeper, deeper. A beautiful lead-ball over the top. Beautiful feed by Guti. [They're in long ?]. Beautiful pass here. He drags it into the box, and he dispatches brilliantly. Robben it is that finds him, he's onside, he rattles the back of the net. Beautiful providing. You can watch this one all day if you're a Real Madrid fan. He looked like Sophia Loren walking up a flight of stairs - absolutely beautiful.
Ray Hudson, 8:16 1st

This is what Bernd Schuster wants. This is what the Madridistas want. Not just ruthless, this is sadistic...
Ray Hudson, 33:01 1st

He's got to adjust that back line and drop them deeper because they've just cut their own throats today and Real Madrid are just playing in their blood.
Ray Hudson, 39:10 1st

The rhythm is there, here today, man. More rhythm in these white shirts now than a half a dozen Jamaican kettle-drums.
Ray Hudson, 43:15 1st

Brilliant run. Timing to perfection. Swivels his hips like Marilyn Monroe as he puts it in...
Ray Hudson, 44:11 1st

You can hear a drop of salsa hitting a chimichanga in that Valladolid locker-room.
Ray Hudson, 44:54 1st

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sevilla vs Barcelona, February 9th

Fabulous, Kanouté. Beautiful streaking run, and then he turns the brakes on. These are Ferrari ceramic brakes...
Ray Hudson, 29:46 1st

VfB Stuttgart vs Hertha Berlin, February 9th

It doesn't matter if it hits him in the face, you've got to forget that, Phil. It's Hilbert, he's not a good-looking lad in the first place...
Ray Hudson, 3:26 1st

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hudsonia Salutes Paul Giblin

I don't get to watch La Liga games on WorldSport as often as I would like. Paul Giblin and Sid Lowe (of the Guardian Unlimited blog and podcast) provide great commentary - they're funny, knowledgeable and passionate (and actually in the stadium!) Today was Paul's last game for WorldSport, as he is returning to work in his hometown. And if it wasn't already going to be his last game, it probably would have been after this 'slight outburst' (Paul is an Athletic Bilbao supporter and doesn't mind letting it show).

Thanks, Paul, you will be missed.