Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brazil vs Argentina, July 15th

His men have been sent out there to get up Riquelme's nose like two big corks up, one up each nostril.
Ray Hudson, 16:52 2nd

Samba boys dancing, twinkletoes, Dopey goes ballistic, Dopey goes disco ...
Ray Hudson, 23:55 2nd

That is an absolutely existential pass by Elano.
Ray Hudson, post-game

And the hugely disappointing Hudson/Riquelme count:

1st Half
'Riquelme' - 6 times
'Romy' - 2
'Roman Riquelme' - 1
(with thanks to Jim for the SlingBox feed during the storm)

Second Half
'Riquelme' - 6
'Juan Roman Riquelme' - 1
'Romy' - 1
'Roman' - 1

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mexico vs Argentina, July 11th

It's Riquelme, man, it'll always be Riquelme ... Heinze jumps up like Rudolf Nureyev, beautiful, stabs it home but it's Riquelme, man, it looks impossible like pouring a pint of beer into a shot glass, not for Riquelme, magic.
Ray Hudson, 44:15 1st

Dangerous play ... or would that be way too harsh?
Phil Schoen
I'll punch you.
Ray Hudson, 45:02 1st

How do you describe magic? How do you describe this? It's virtually impossible. Roman applauds, the ball's dished off for Tevez, Tevez is begging for it back, Messi sees, I see you, mate, I don't need you, watch it, perfect pass by Tevez, Tevez is on for the square ball for the tap in, Lionel says no, I fancy a little bit of Roman in the night. He picks one out of Riquelme's genius book. Messi produces the rainbow and there's a pot of gold at the end of it, that is absolutely pure class in a glass.
Ray Hudson, 15:42 2nd

A concerto goal by Lionel. Sweet, sweet music ...
Ray Hudson, 16:33 2nd

Concert pianist, with his feet.
Ray Hudson, 17:25 2nd

The rhapsody of football continues. Even when they're penalties, they're painted with a beautiful stroke of genius. It's framed beautifully by the goal and the Picasso of modern football that sees things in a different dimension to the mere humans. He lives not in the tactical book, not in anything that is painted from A to B, Riquelme doesn't live there, don't look for him with the simplicity of football because he's an expressionist even on his penalty kicks.
Ray Hudson, 20:39 2nd

The two heroes that are going to have the showdown like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral ...
Ray Hudson, 21:45 2nd

They were on the same side, weren't they? Never mind ...
Ray Hudson, 21:57 2nd

Matador. Look at him, so languid, look at him walking. He's like a big, beautiful zombie, Riquelme, like a big, beautiful zombie. He just strolls around languid like, like smoke off a cigarette, you know. And then he jump out and just draw your blood.
Ray Hudson, 25:42 2nd

Tidal wave, Rubik's cube football by the albiceleste.
Ray Hudson, 34:02 2nd

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Uruguay vs Brazil, July 10th

This isn't Girls Gone Wild, it's Uruguay Gone Wild. Forlan does beautiful, great streaking hurtful run. Again, beautiful build-up, they were threatening and we were announcing it.
Ray Hudson, 24:35 2nd

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Argentina vs Peru, July 8th

Here you see him, trickier than a monkey up a monkey tree.
Ray Hudson, 19:09 1st

But it's an absolute flamethrower from the magic man himself, look at this, it's an absolutely laser beam ... from the Picasso of Argentinian football, Boca Juniors hero, Argentinia god, Roman Riquelme, man, you can bottle him up for a length of time, but then he will hurt you ...
Ray Hudson, 1:48 2nd

What an absolute scientific goal again, and it's Riquelme who is the Einstein of it, this is a beautiful move of the highest world-class order, stand up, get out of your sofas and applaud if you're a football fan because the poets just wrote a sonnet to all of us ... look at that ball, are you kidding me? It splits open four white shirts, and little Lionel, look at this again, oh my lord, that is vision personified ...
Ray Hudson, 15:59 2nd

Get down on your hands and knees and thank us all for giving you the pictures of an absolute artisan of the modern game ... he's Einstein man, he's from the stars, just love him, anybody who doesn't see it I really truly feel sorry for you, Phil, really I do.
Ray Hudson, 40:56 2nd

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Chile vs Brazil, July 7th

Julio Baptista, hotter than South Beach, what a JalapeƱo hit this is, fabulous build-up by Brazil, Dunga goes disco, beautiful, steered, spanked shot, kisses the back post ...
Ray Hudson, 22:29 1st

Robinho impersonating Robin Hood, gets his arrow out, and he hits the bullseye ...
Ray Hudson, 28:06 1st

JosuƩ, as lively as a cheerleader after a big pot of coffee, Cuban coffee, Brazilian coffee ...
Ray Hudson, 23:16 2nd