Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Liverpool vs Toulouse, August 28th

The Crouchasaurus, man. Big, tall, languid, but a great touch, the big man up front ...
Ray Hudson, 1:59 1st

The big lighthouse there, Crouch, flashing his big light, saying 'Give me it, feed me.'
Ray Hudson, 4:25 1st

Settled down nicely, good early touches, ten minutes in for the new boy. Good haircut, for a footballer.
Ray Hudson, 11:58 1st

He gets a good, flying, ginger-headed, big, hammer blow on this one ...
Ray Hudson, 16:39 1st

The Crouchasaurus strikes again. Telling ya, footballer! Most unorthodox player, probably, in world football, but his technique is sweet and his danger is omnipresent. He's always going to get this one with those telescopic legs, that's a fabulous ball by Dirk the Dutchman. Brilliantly leading his big man, that's a great finish. Outside of his foot, stabs it home. Peter, the Great!
Ray Hudson, 18:45 1st

And big Peter makes his point like Woody Woodpecker.
Ray Hudson, half-time

Fabulous ball in. Meets it clean, accurate, dynamic. It's a screamer of a header. He locks his focus in, jumps, jackknifes, punches. Bulging net, broken spirits.
Ray Hudson, 3:38 2nd

The biggest scouser fans I've ever met. All be sitting in there, Richie probably in his red underpants, knowing him.
Ray Hudson
You know a little too much about Richie.
Phil Schoen, 12:34 2nd

English bookmakers getting it right once again, the sons of ... guns.
Ray Hudson, 18:44 2nd

Comes through and rifles Mascherano, takes a big filet mignon out of him. Just the type of thing to wake up an Argentine.
Ray Hudson, 19:21 2nd

That's absolutely brilliant by Peter. He does all the impossible stuff, absolutely first class, look at this, brings it down, controls it, angles himself, gets it away from the defender and then puts his finger down his throat.
Ray Hudson, 34:12 2nd

Steve Gerrard Gerrard looks down, gets out of his regal seat and applause, because what he sees is mucho good, look at this ball from Kuyt, he gets it back and he rasps it into the net. Dynamic finish, beautiful, play it back, red carpet, one touch, it's goodnight Toulouse.
Ray Hudson, 41:24 2nd

Inviting Dirk onto it, and that steadying touch, but then he doesn't live those beautiful ginger locks, because instinctively, like the great finisher he is, he knows that that back post isn't moving, he knows strategically where it is, and like a big, great pool player, he gets his cue out and that right foot, and kisses it in off the post ...
Ray Hudson, 41:55 2nd

Look at that. Laser. Great fly's eye vision by Benayoun. Tricky, outside of the foot. Dirk sees his angle, Dirk sees the net, Dirk sees disco tonight.
Ray Hudson, 46:13 2nd

Monday, August 27, 2007


Thankyou, Linda at the beautiful game, who has a cracking blog that everyone should go read.

Valencia vs Villarreal, August 26th

Skill absolutely coming out of his fingernails ...
Ray Hudson, 2:21 1st

Robert Pires really fluffing his beautiful coloured feathers ...
Ray Hudson, 4:55 1st

David Villa and three others caught with their knickers down ...
Ray Hudson, 22:33 1st

That's the red stuff, that belongs inside, Phil ...
Ray Hudson, 23:37 1st

Slipperier than an eel covered in Vaseline ... He burglarises the penalty box ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Probably starting to see the pink elephants walking up the bedroom wall already, Phil ...
Ray Hudson, 60:06 2nd

It's team football again, Phil, it's what we've been saying the whole game. This is class exemplified and advertised in what Pellegrini, Argentina-type football, sweet. Look at the connected passes, it starts with Cani, it's ushered on, held up beautifully by Rossi, slips it into the stream, invites Cañizares out and this one is goodnight Vienna, beautiful. Sweet football, understanding, telepathic, deadly with the kill.
Ray Hudson, 73:13 2nd

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sevilla vs Getafe, August 25th

Welcome back Ray Hudson.
Lindsey Dean, pre-game

Subtle as a butterfly, sends it lovingly, heavenly ...
Ray Hudson, 2:44 1st

Handing out yellow cards like speed tickets at the Indy 500.
Ray Hudson, 47.36 1st

Hanging on the proverbial cliff-edge, like Wile E. Coyote.
Ray Hudson, 54:12 2nd

Bamboozling run, full control, pushing Licht back, taking him on, matador football, turning him round like a turtle on his back, hammers it ...
Ray Hudson, 63:06 2nd

They'll be shaking their castanets tonight.
Ray Hudson, 69:32 2nd

Frédéric Kanouté stretches that big telescopic leg and makes a heavenly guided touch on it ... he knows where the back of the net is, you cannot say it's accidental ... he's got that innate sense of sensing just how to strike the ball and where to guide it ... there may be a little bit of fortune with that one ...
Ray Hudson, 70:01 2nd

Saturday, August 25, 2007

$200 Million Buyout of GolTV Falls Through

"For GolTV, meanwhile, the network has increased its awareness within the U.S. soccer community during recent months as the home to La Liga on television in the States, the growth in popularity of its American Soccer TV show, more professional graphics on screen, quality programming and growing popularity of presenters such as Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson."

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