Sunday, July 15, 2007

Brazil vs Argentina, July 15th

His men have been sent out there to get up Riquelme's nose like two big corks up, one up each nostril.
Ray Hudson, 16:52 2nd

Samba boys dancing, twinkletoes, Dopey goes ballistic, Dopey goes disco ...
Ray Hudson, 23:55 2nd

That is an absolutely existential pass by Elano.
Ray Hudson, post-game

And the hugely disappointing Hudson/Riquelme count:

1st Half
'Riquelme' - 6 times
'Romy' - 2
'Roman Riquelme' - 1
(with thanks to Jim for the SlingBox feed during the storm)

Second Half
'Riquelme' - 6
'Juan Roman Riquelme' - 1
'Romy' - 1
'Roman' - 1


Amy said...

I am saddened that both the Riquelme count was low, and Mr. Hudson wasn't commentating on Saturday.

The Gaffer said...

After he kept me so busy Wednesday night I was glad he wasn't on duty Saturday.

Then Sunday was a huge let-down, he was obviously so devastated by the poor Argentine performance. As for Riquelme, not a single mention after the 22nd minute of the second half.

Overall a big disappointment, especially as it's the last we'll hear from him for a little while.

Amy said...

I wonder what he does when there isn't a big commentating event going on.

I might have to do a bit of research lest I suffer from withdrawal....