Sunday, June 8, 2008

Off-season Housekeeping

I think Ray mentioned a couple of times in recent broadcasts that he would be heading back to Britain for the summer - hope you enjoy the break, Ray, and come back refreshed and ready for next season. Until then we have Euro2008 and endless transfer speculation to keep us occupied. And some MLS if we get really desperate.

This is as good a time as any to thank the 23,000 or so visitors the blog has had over the last year, especially the 273 who appear to read this about as often as I update it. I was getting a little tired (and lazy) towards the end of this season, so thanks for sticking with me.

Adam at This Is American Soccer did a good interview with Ray recently which you fine people can read at this link here. He also has another interesting interview with the GolTV COO here.

In my non-Ray Hudson-centric life, I've been playing with Twitter for a few months and have found it to be an interesting tool in many ways, so I've set up a Hudsonland account which you should be able to see at the top of the sidebar to the right. I think I'll use it to micro-blog things which wouldn't otherwise warrant a blog post, such as far-fetched excuses for taking two weeks to get around to watch matches.

Other than that, I have no plans for major changes around here in the off-season, primarily because I can't be arsed to think about it. Hey, give me a break, it's too hot.

Y'all enjoy your summer.


Aśika said...

Thank you for all this season, you're my private superhero. I tried sometimes to write down Hudson's quotes, but it's so difficult ;> But I always knew, that I can come here and read everything :) It's just fantastic place, one of my favourite in the Net. Thanks once again and enjoy The Other (non-hudsonian) Side of your life ;)

robdog said...

I think Ray went to London to rap w/ Roman Abramovich for the Chelsea job. Good luck Ray, I will love it if you coach the Blues. I can't wait for the press conferences :D

Anonymous said...

I love the site and look forward to the upcoming season. Thank you for your hard work, you have tons of fans who appreciate it.