Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sevilla vs Getafe, August 25th

Welcome back Ray Hudson.
Lindsey Dean, pre-game

Subtle as a butterfly, sends it lovingly, heavenly ...
Ray Hudson, 2:44 1st

Handing out yellow cards like speed tickets at the Indy 500.
Ray Hudson, 47.36 1st

Hanging on the proverbial cliff-edge, like Wile E. Coyote.
Ray Hudson, 54:12 2nd

Bamboozling run, full control, pushing Licht back, taking him on, matador football, turning him round like a turtle on his back, hammers it ...
Ray Hudson, 63:06 2nd

They'll be shaking their castanets tonight.
Ray Hudson, 69:32 2nd

Frédéric Kanouté stretches that big telescopic leg and makes a heavenly guided touch on it ... he knows where the back of the net is, you cannot say it's accidental ... he's got that innate sense of sensing just how to strike the ball and where to guide it ... there may be a little bit of fortune with that one ...
Ray Hudson, 70:01 2nd

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