Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Madrid vs Sevilla, March 30th

Wow! What a payback! How do you like those potatoes?
Ray Hudson
Two. Nine. Zero. For Raúl. Number two all-time for Real Madrid, and they've taken the lead again.
Phil Schoen
Once more Raúl Madrid comes out and answers in the most pernicious way. Sends his kisses up to the crowd, and it comes flooding back down. Wesley Sneijder turns, sees it, dishes it over the top, beautiful ball in, and then again, all desire, all hunger, all Raúl. Beautiful control, wouldn't be laid off, wouldn't be pushed off, spins, capitalises, disco in the stands. Bernd, give us a smile.
Ray Hudson, 38:45 1st

Raúl, he is cool as ice, and he pours lovely Johnny Walker over the cubes. Beautiful. Weren't done yet. This was probably the most romantic flash of inspiration by Real Madrid. Superlative vision, and Higauín arrives by stealth to convert Guti's piece of jewelry.
Ray Hudson, post-game


Joe said...

I could be wrong on this, but I've gotten the feeling over the past few weeks that Ray can't wait for Arjen Robben to mail in a performance, take a terrible dive, or go off with a weak injury to get another chance to rant about what a soft player he is. He said something like, 'When he was at Chelsea, he was one of the quickest players in all of England to go to ground.' It was as if he wanted to keep going, but Robben was playing too well.

Quick Side Note: I love the voting thing. I miss the Riquelme tongue baths from the summer. We need to get Ray and Romy back together somehow. Can anyone with some juice start a rumor linking him to a big Spanish club or get a Boca game on GolTV?

Hudsonland said...

If that is the case, I can't say I disagree with Ray on Robben. His performance during the World Cup was particularly disgraceful - no interest whatsoever in staying on his feet.

I could start a rumour that Ray's going to Fox Soccer Channel because they have the Argentinian league but for some reason I don't think anyone would believe me...

notnowcato said...

Agree with both of the above BUT Hudson has given a lot of praise to Robben when he has produced the goods but Robben is a notorious diver.
Hudson is at his best when there`s a player like Riquelme turning it on,thats when he goes completely,wonderfully nuts!
The voting list is wow material but is sadly missing Rays classic Riquelme line about being like a big stripper with tassels on!

J.D. said...

I loved Ray's comments about Raul. He is THE man this year for Madrid. Ruud's injury is the best thing that could've happened to the Captain.