Thursday, April 24, 2008

AWOL again

I know posting has been lighter than usual for a few weeks due to various factors (ok, work) but now I have house-guests for the next week or so, so it's about to drop to zero or thereabouts for a little while.

Consider this your open thread for registering Ray's rhetorical ramblings. Or just let Catherine-Lucia do all the work...


Anonymous said...

Real Madrid vs. Bilbao: Something like "You're not gonna get out statistics for the rest of the season to look if there's a better goalkeeper than casillas, are you? But if you do I will hit you on your big head!" (about 80. minute)

J.D. said...

Yeah, that was vintage Ray. The best bit was when Casillas finally rendered Ray speechless.

notnowcato said...

Absolutly! Some "crackers!" in the Madrid game. We were all falling around at both of the examples here but after Casillas struck Ray into a DEAFENING silence and then the way he passed it over to his partner was priceless.The "pack him in a time capsule and ship him off to the stars" about Casillas at the half or full time, was another gem!Iguines assist was given the rightful recognition that few recognise.Guys different class.

Agi said...

I need more Ray. I'm crying tears the size of pineapple chunks.

Matthias said...

May 6, Stuttgart at Dortmund:
Ray absolutely brilliant... he was talking about the ref (Michael Kempter [])
on and off...
- he's showing the yellow cards like a crucifix to dracula
- the guy needs a haircut
- his right arm is getting tired
- another flash of the cross from the conquistador
- these players can't even sneeze without getting booked

Anonymous said...

Real - Barca:

More tense than a hundred wigwams he was tonight, Victor Valdes.

To all of you who aren't happy with that penalty given against Puyol: don't listen to Phil.

Sylvinho a lot thougher than he looks... (Phil)
He looks pretty though to me, Phil. (Ray)

(TV shows the young woman from the earlier game again)
Besame, besame mucho (Ray sings!!!)
Not quite as smoothy as Frank Sinatra but with a little practise... (Phil)

The fans will be happy because they're shaking their castanets in front of Barcelona tonight.

Perez BurrĂșl (referee) seeing this machete coming out from Marquez.

Victor Valdes making it more interesting than necessary from time to time... (Phil)
More interesting? This is diabolical goalkeeping, Phil! (Ray)