Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao, April 27th

You're not gonna get statistics out for the rest of this season and say that there's a better goalkeeper in La Liga, are you Phil? Because if you are I'm going to hit you in your big head.
Ray Hudson, 34:10 2nd


J.D. said...

Great soundbite from Ray... as always.

He was also in fine form yesterday commentating the Real Madrid massacre of Barcelona. Hell, he even broke out in song for a couple of seconds. Magic!

notnowcato said...

Right, jd. El classico was a great call by Da Man and the Spanish song had my wife swooning and ORDERED me to hit the replay button-4 TIMES!
Its going to be a long off-season but at least GOLTV will show the best games in replay-they did last year anyway.