Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barcelona vs Valencia, February 27th

That was beautiful football by Barca.
Ray Hudson
Deserved a goal. But you don't get beauty points.
Phil Schoen
You should.
Ray Hudson, 50:26 2nd
(from Catherine-Lucia)

Again, just spirograph football by Barcelona...
Ray Hudson, 67:59 2nd

Big, black, jungle cat. What a ball played into him by Yaya, fabulous, steered in, curls it heavenly, but look at that save! Man, he is absolutely on fire in this game, Hildebrand.
Ray Hudson, 88:11 2nd

Two wonderful gladiator heroes for each other's team. Flew their flag higher than Nelson's column...
Ray Hudson, post-game


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the bit about beauty points...that gave me a chuckle...


Hudsonland said...

Which bit? When? What?

Anonymous said...

Something like Ray doing his usual 'beautiful football by the master' or whatever then Phil goes 'well you don't get beauty points' and Ray says, very exasperatedly, "well, you should!" you can practically hear the exclamation point. I thought it was funny. I'm not sure when it was though and my computer's audio is broken so I can't offer much help, sorry.

Tim said...


Good looking out on the upcoming schedule, much appreciated. No word from GolTV yet. About to send them another email.

I like the idea of the revisiting and voting on past Ray quotes as well. Very cool!

Hudsonland said...

Someone asked for a 'Best of Hudsonia'. I figured a poll would be a good way of choosing the quotes.

Tim - drop me an email sometime, I might have some useful information for you.