Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hudsonia Salutes Paul Giblin

I don't get to watch La Liga games on WorldSport as often as I would like. Paul Giblin and Sid Lowe (of the Guardian Unlimited blog and podcast) provide great commentary - they're funny, knowledgeable and passionate (and actually in the stadium!) Today was Paul's last game for WorldSport, as he is returning to work in his hometown. And if it wasn't already going to be his last game, it probably would have been after this 'slight outburst' (Paul is an Athletic Bilbao supporter and doesn't mind letting it show).

Thanks, Paul, you will be missed.


Tim said...

I wish I had it recorded, but last weekend I was listening to Spurs vs Everton on BBC London. in the later stages of the game, Aaron Lennon goes down in the box off a questionable foul, which referee Andre Marriner refuses to call. The commentator, Phil I believe was his name, screams:
"You're a complete idiot and a muppet!!!!He should raise his hand and say; I'm a bafoon!!!"

dapxin said...


He 's got a last card to play, and he played a loser :D

You still listen to commentaries? Check out this site I hope I'll save your heart some horsepower, from that tip.

Dan said...

Sid Lowe does awesome field reports for the Guardian podcast. Spanish league fans should check it out.