Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sevilla vs Real Zaragoza, February 23rd

Are you kidding me? This is celestial football by the whites. Look at the coach! The Mister is having a physical arousal on that sideline. This is absolutely brilliant football again by the whites. Get up out of your Barcelonas - Barcaloungers and applaud like these people. This is stripping football again. One, two, three. Look at the movement, look at the pinpoint passing. This is domino football, brilliantly fed in by beautiful, fabulous Fabiano. Stabs it, the clinical finish is brilliant in itself, but look at this red-carpet passing, Phil. Magical! Magic!
Ray Hudson, 24:09 1st

Poor Sevilla fans, you've got to feel sorry for them because their hands must be red-raw with applauding...
Ray Hudson, 33:22 1st

Maresca makes an awful big drama out of it. Probably stabs his potatoes at his dinner-time as well...
Ray Hudson, 35:33 1st

He does it the strange, weirding way. And poor César says 'something wicked this way comes' in the shape of Frédéric Kanouté. And even the ref is having a laugh. Beautiful slipped-in ball by Fabiano, look at this for dexterity from the big man. He goes down, it may be given as an own goal against Diogo. Let's take a look, Frédéric drags it in, there's a challenge, it comes off somebody. I'm not sure if it comes off Frédéric but he doesn't care because the weirding way comes alive.
Ray Hudson, 42:58 1st

Showy, visceral and sexy, Kanouté. Just like me.
Ray Hudson, half-time

This game is put to bed with four hot water bottles, here.
Ray Hudson, 57:45 2nd

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Anonymous said...

Wow....this is one of the all time great calls===mixing "The Wierding Way" with Shakespeare?
Thats off the charts.