Saturday, January 12, 2008

Barcelona vs Real Murcia, January 12th

Well, they've cracked the defensive code there and safe-cracker Eidur comes out with the lovely stethoscopes and the twinkling little fingers and he undoes them. He's a cat-burglar on this goal, Phil. He steals in with stealth...
Ray Hudson, 26:40 1st

Plays it in front of him, and Bojan could put that away balancing a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale on his head...
Ray Hudson, 52:37 2nd

Aw, this is such a shame, this would have been a heavenly goal from the kid. He's hearing this deafening applause because they know brilliance. This is class in a glass, look at that cut-back. Sees it, curls it. Aw, agonisingly close, brilliant on the pace, that's beautiful. It misses and I love it.
Ray Hudson, 64:50 2nd

That's a bad celebration lads. Keep that for the disco. But keep this beautiful football coming for us all...
Ray Hudson, 76:30 2nd

Thierry's off to the races and that is time-warp pace. He actually folds space, Einstein-like, Thierry. And he doesn't miss these ones. And he says 'I'll buy you my dance tonight, my son.'
Ray Hudson, 77:17 2nd

He has had peppercorn down his shorts, today, Eto'o. And who are they playing? The Paprika Men. So, very apt.
Ray Hudson, 87:47 2nd

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