Sunday, January 27, 2008

Real Madrid vs Villarreal, January 27th

It's been Gago that has been the glue of this side. In fact, I nickname him Gago Glue.
Ray Hudson
I wonder if that's going to stick.
Phil Schoen, 25:59 1st


Charon said...

Wow, Phil's striking back ;-)

Joe said...

Ray was in absolutely brilliant form during this match, the first half particularly. It helped that the match itself was great, but it was still something to behold.

Sascha said...

Of all the great stuff he said over the last week, I liked his comment on Boumsong's equalizer in the Inter - Juve cup match best: "Boumsong - turns the boom box on". Can't wait for the second leg tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree there was some typically jaw-dropping comments from Ray this past week,especially in the Real Madrid match-only one comment worthy of highlighting?I don`t think so.What about the "Hawaii beautiful" outburst after Rossis goal?
Top class site!

Joe said...

I don't mean to pile on, especially because I am eternally grateful of the service you're providing here. However, there was also a comment to the effect of:

"Robinho needs to get ride of that stupid goal celebration where he sucks his thumb. The only one dumber is when Thierry Henry appears to give himself a wedgie."

Hudsonland said...

Pile on, by all means, pile on. That's kind of the point of having comments, so you guys can point out what I missed.

I have been a little busy recently so I haven't been paying 100% attention during a lot of games lately and I must have missed more than a few gems.

Ugly Salad Bowl said...

Unfortunately I erased it on the DVR, but the comment about Henry giving himself a wedgie was a classic.