Saturday, January 5, 2008

Real Mallorca vs Barcelona, January 5th

Terrible, terrible finish by Xavi, that's real crème de la milk finish.
Ray Hudson, half-time

Well, the Indians would call him a medicine man because he's just provided absolute magic out of nowhere. Rafa attacks this ball beautifully and his headband kisses it heavenly past poor Lux...
Ray Hudson, 17:52 2nd


Joe said...

I fell asleep watching the first half of this game on DVR. It was such a bland game that Ray never really got a chance to get into it. What's wrong with Barca, anyway? This funk that they're in is killing us.

TeamSplashi said...

Great blog mate.
Love Ray and his comments.
Cheers from Rose City.

lee said...

Ray Hudson is a legend. A true Geordie - I'm surprised you guys can even understand him!

Anonymous said...

It wasn`t a thriller as Joe says-Sundays Real Madrid match was better and Zara should have won-Ray the Rave had some BEAUTYS in that match...the best!