Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza, January 6th

Sergío Garcia lays it off, right-footed, shot goes off of the post.
Kelly O'Donnell
Casillas does it again! This time he leaves it to his big white skinny friend standing up behind him. He knows he's there. Iker gets his angles right, says 'Skinny boy at the back, stand up for me'. His back-man's covering him, goalkeeper's friend indeed. That time Iker Casillas is beaten but his will denies Zaragoza again. Really think he just wished for it away, Kelly. That's how brilliantly he is playing.
Ray Hudson, 15:31 2nd

Brilliant by Robinho, again. Got better biomechanics than a peregrine falcon, Robinho. Great accuracy to find van Nistelrooy. He ain't going to miss this one. You can tie him up, wrap him up in cellophane and he'd still get this one. Brilliant by Robinho, he lifts his head, and again, perfect delivery. The executioner brings out the big guillotine and slices the head off poor Zaragoza. Cruel game, but that's Real Madrid's DNA. One chance, they'll kill you. As long as they've got Iker in goal, it's always going to be that way. Tortuous for the Madridistas, but it's heavenly now.
Ray Hudson, 21:11 2nd

Bernd Schuster was brought here to ride the footballing waves of Hawaii with stylistic football, and he's still on a roller-skate, Kelly, he is still skateboarding with this team, man, it cannot be denied...
Ray Hudson, 22:29 2nd

And for Real Zaragoza we can look back on those words - 'Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: It might have been.'
Ray Hudson, 39:55 2nd

Look at this save. Cat-like, jungle-like, quick. Big puma. Big, beautiful, brave gladiator goalkeeper. Spartacus, I called him. Mix in a bit of octopus. Beautiful.
Ray Hudson, post-game

This is a cheerleader goal, and Robinho brings out his big pom-poms.
Ray Hudson, post-game


Shervin said...

Just found this website yesterday. Made me SOOO happy. I was waiting for the clips of this game too, cause Ray was definitely at his best. Especially the cheerleader stuff.

TeamSplashi said...

Mate, keep posting comments of this great footballer/couch/commentator/man.


Anonymous said...

The Maud Muller quote is a BRILL beyond belief!
I will show this to the class I teach tomorrow. They`ll get it this time!