Sunday, December 9, 2007

Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid, December 8th

Real Madrid are a whole different kettle of sharks.
Ray Hudson, 0:50 1st

Talk about unsung heroes, he just made me look absolutely ingenious.
Ray Hudson, 7:32 1st

That man, that diminutive little titan, Iker Casillas.
Ray Hudson, 8:06 1st

Casillas had spread himself out like a big bloody octopus. Beautiful.
Ray Hudson, 9:26 1st

That six yard box is an octopus' garden for Casillas.
Ray Hudson, half-time

Stupefying goal this by the oranje. The Dutchie absolutely lights this one. It's a beautiful steady. But look at this razzle. There's the dazzle. He's scored some lovely goals. Tell you what, this could be his magnum opus ...
Ray Hudson, 54:29 2nd

What a heart breaker! There's your goal of the season, coming and going in the beautiful blink of his bulging Brazilian eyes ...
Ray Hudson, 70:12 2nd

If they hadn't have painted those damn goalposts last night that would have been in.
Ray Hudson, 70:49 2nd


Joe said...

I really hope he keeps "The Octopus" nickname going past this week. I forget exactly how it went but it was something like:

Ray: Does Iker have a nickname yet?
Phil: (or whoever it was doing the game with him. I think it was Phil.) Maybe he's too good for a nickname.
Ray: Octopus works for me.

Hudsonland said...

Right, but ... isn't Casillas known (at least to Real Madrid fans) as 'San Iker' because of his game-saving performances? So he kind of already has a nickname ...

Joe said...

No offense, but if Ray's going to go with The Octopus, I'm going to have to take that over San Iker regardless of what the Madrid faithful have to say about it. Plus, there are so many more possibilities for Octopus. It's much more colorful and imaginative.

Hudsonland said...

I can't argue with that ...