Sunday, December 2, 2007

Valencia vs Athletic Bilbao, December 2nd

They haven't had a lot of penetration, when they've got through it hasn't been with a lot of venom. Well, a lot of venom in that - python venom, off that hit by Yeste. Sunk his fangs in, didn't he?
Ray Hudson, 33:34 1st

This is a screamer from Yeste. A death-ray hit by Yeste of Darth Vader proportions ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Well, poor Cañizares is like Han Solo, he's frozen in carbon ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

I thought Koeman had sent out a new team. He might have, these guys down there with those banjos or whatever they've got maybe able to do a better job than Valencia in that first half.
Ray Hudson
More mobile than Morientes already.
Phil Schoen, half-time

I don't think this Valencia team could commit suicide if their life depended on it today.
Ray Hudson, 83:06


Anonymous said...

You and Ray make my day-superb site!

Martek said...

Couldn't commit suicide if their life depended on it. I am staring at the screen slack-jawed after that one. And it doesn't help that I heard it coming out of the TV the other day. I'm looking around the room for the Candid Camera crew because there's no way this is real life.