Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sevilla vs Racing Santander, December 22nd

A goal for us all to absolutely savour again and again. This is an electrical storm goal, Phil. It's Kanouté is the thunder at the end of it but it's the electricity of Dani Alves that starts it beautifully. We'll see the last two or three passes but believe me it was happening a long time before that. It's beautifully controlled, there's Alves, stabs in, Kerzhakov turns, touches it on, brilliant back-heel. Dani tries to hit it home, leaves it for Frédéric, that's absolute magic understanding, fabulous play. Maresca starts it with that beautiful back-heel. Wolf in the hen-house, Dani Alves, knows where his bread is buttered, and here, big, big Frédéric Kanouté comes out with the butter-knife and gives him a double dose of Lurpak. Beautiful!
Ray Hudson, 25:38 1st

Pulling his hair. That's a first. Yellow card for pulling hair. Should be given a pink card.
Ray Hudson
Both of them...
Phil Schoen
There's no hair-pulling in football.
Ray Hudson, 42:06 1st

Absolutely no chance for Coltorti. Chevantón brings the big, big howitzer out. But it's also a combination of sweet grace. It's sweet as sugar, that's for damn sure. And the señoritas get their castanets out and give them a good shaking...
Ray Hudson, 66:02 2nd

It's cruel on a brave Racing Santander team, but they caught Sevilla, as I said, at the top of their tree, and this man is a giant sequoia...
Ray Hudson, 90:20 2nd

Slices, dices, Ginsu finish. Leaves them in shreds. Quicker feet than a combine harvester, he tears them apart.
Ray Hudson, 90:59 2nd

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Anonymous said...

Marvelous and pretty damn impressive!
Enjoyed the Barca-Real Madrid match,twice allready.Rays call on the Baptista goal was another explosive blast!