Sunday, December 9, 2007

Real Zaragoza vs Espanyol, December 9th

Another goal baked by the footballing angels in heaven for us to watch and devour and savour. Look at the ingredients...
Ray Hudson, 10:53 1st

The approach play was absolutely algebraic football and Valdo is the x-factor and that equals a goal.
Ray Hudson, 11:24 1st

The coach will be virtually on the brink of a wonderful, wonderful 'sensation', let's just call it. You know what I mean, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 11:51 1st

Can it get any better than this in football heaven? I don't think so. The goals are absolutely astonishing quality ... This is a calculus goal, again.
Ray Hudson, 14:58 1st

Four absolutely golden nuggets, Phil, to pick from. This one is a Las Vegas golden nugget, from Tamudo. This is Archimedean perfection by the little jazzer, Tamudo...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Milito uses the old Jedi mind trick on them. Fabulous. Picks his spot, finds the target. Laser beam. Darth Vader death ray hit again...
Ray Hudson, 89:33


dpoet19 said...

When Hudson said the coach will be feeling a "wonderful sensation", I think he meant orgasmic jubilation.

Ari said...

Ray used "algebraic," "calculus," and "geometric" all in the same game. I think he must have been helping his kid with the math homework lately.