Saturday, December 1, 2007

Espanyol vs Barcelona, December 1st

He is like mercury. Not the planet, Kelly, the element. You cannot hold him, you cannot contain him. Quicksilver feet, again, by Messi. Mercurial, alright. And he is toxic for Espanyol's defence. Look at this. Get out of your 'Barca'-loungers and start applauding. That was brilliant. That is magnificent. Pure class delivered on a silver plate for Iniesta who was actually applauding as this ball comes to him. Look at this, Argentine class in a glass again. He's up for FIFA World Player of the Year. If he doesn't get it, I may start losing my faith in humanity.
Ray Hudson, 5:56 1st

This starts with Yaya Touré. Touré Yaya. Whatever you want to call him. Put it in a mirror it's the same name. But a beautiful start by Yaya and it sends the squirrel on his merry way ...
Ray Hudson, 18:11 1st

[from Neil via email]
He's developing in front of our eyes, young Bojan. How old is he?
Ray Hudson
Just seventeen.
Kelly O'Donnell
Say it again.
Ray Hudson
Seventeen years old.
Kelly O'Donnell
I don't believe you. Seventeen. I've got underwear older than that...
Ray Hudson, 20:03 1st

He mainlines football magic, Messi ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

It's all Messi, Kelly. I tell you what, if General Custer had have had him on his side at the Little Big Horn, Geronimo would have turned round and went back to his wigwam ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

It was begging. We said, it was begging. It was smelling like a big, old fish out there ... Riera sees him, parabolic vision. Beautiful, dynamite, arrow-finish ...
Ray Hudson 68:42


HNO said...

ray, we love your commentary. its absolutely dynamite, stunning :)

we've alerted our readers of our high school newspaper about your amazing commentary prowess on our blogroll (, would you mind blogrolling us? thanks.

Joe said...

Ray was absolutely brilliant during this match. He took all of the responsibility squarely on his shoulders and bravely delivered color commentary from the heavens. Magic.

I spit soda out of my nose this when I heard the Messi/Custer/Geronimo line on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Great Site! I love all of Hudson's Bojan and Messi comments. I loved his remark on making a new language in English. Ray hudson is one to go down in the history books in my opinion