Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back Sunday Night. Or Monday.

Away for the weekend in an internet and tv-free zone. Consider this thread open for this weekend's games, as requested.


Anonymous said...

Barca - Valladolid: Ray says something to the effect of "[Bojan Krkic] has got to be the hottest thing on two legs [except?] Sophia Loren"

Anonymous said...

(TV shows a young woman than a male fan and a young boy)
Go back to that first picture... (Ray Hudson 7:05)

The ball hits Marchena right on the head, that's like being hit by Mohammed Ali that one. [...] He will be seeing purple elephants now. (Ray Hudson 28:00)

Bernd decides to be sadistic and turn loose those hounds as he wants the 3rd goal to be settled. (Ray Hudson14:35)

They got valencia in the torture room [???] but they better get the door closed. (Ray Hudson 36:45)

Anonymous said...

Real Madrid vs.Valencia

Anonymous said...

2 fantastic matches!
Some great material for Hudsonia in both games-going to watch them again tonight.2 gems we wrote down was "Bojan is the best thing on 2 legs since Sophia Loren" plus about him having to do his homework tonight. Then one about his other Valentine "Lil Robinho"--"His left foot is part of his nervous system!"
There were others which I`ll get later with times...the purple elephants line was LOL stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love the sight but I was wondering where I would be able to listen to Hudson without having Gol TV on my cable package? How do you all listen to him?

Hudsonland said...

Thanks, guys, I really appreciate the comments. I already had the Sophia Loren line but I did add a couple more from 'anonymous'.

I'm away again next weekend (although possibly with some internet access) so I'll put another open thread up before I go.

How to get Hudson without GolTV? Why not just get GolTV? Switch to satellite and be sure to tell your cable provider that it was because they didn't carry GolTV. Launch your own satellite channel if necessary. Or why not invent a new communications medium? (note to GolTV lawyers: See? I am good for business).

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