Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deportivo La Coruña vs Real Madrid, March 15th

The young Canadian, De Guzman, kind of making headlines this week. Said that if he's able to score a goal, what, what was it exactly Ray?
Phil Schoen
He actually said, De Guzman, that he, he scores against Iker Casillas, he will go without carnal knowledge of any female for a full year, no sex for a year. Oh, why does he want to put that pressure on himself?
Ray Hudson
Either way he's a winner.
Phil Schoen
What's the incentive to score? He's punishing himself.
Ray Hudson, 1:33 1st

You and your single entendres, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 35:03 1st

This offence for Real Deportivo, about as expressive as a set of fence posts, really, nothing, little pop-gun shot at Iker, and Xisco has been on a starvation diet of anorexic proportions...
Ray Hudson, half time

Guti is, he's a complete enigma, wrapped in, in the proverbial mystery, of a puzzle.
Ray Hudson, 15:30 2nd

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