Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Egypt vs Argentina, March 26th

They may not be the most illuminating with the football, but, man, they are tighter than a fish's backside.
Ray Hudson, 65:06 2nd

And the little man comes alive. Beautiful first touch, here, settles it, brilliantly, rifles it, near the top of the net. Look at this for a first touch, heavenly. Velvet feet, and then they turn into fists of fury. Dagger finish by Kun Agüero. Waiting in the long grass, I said in the first half, well, the little scorpion just jumps out and stings Egypt.
Ray Hudson, 66:11 2nd

First touch, caresses it, settles it, puts it on a golf tee and then, whack! Rifles it with his driver. Beautiful, hole in one.
Ray Hudson, 86:10

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