Saturday, March 15, 2008

Barcelona vs Villarreal, March 9th

He's not feeling that wrist any more, or maybe he is, but he won't mind. That's a brilliant turn by Guillermo Franco, absolutely brilliant. Argentine-born, of course, Franco, plays for Mexico...
Ray Hudson, 30:06 1st

Xavi's the one that punctures the net but it's all Iniesta, this. Brilliant run down this left side, taking player after player on, bravely. Look at this, beautiful slipped-in ball, challenges, takes him on, goes to the line, the pull-back's beautiful, outside of the foot. Textbook Xavi. Look at this by little Iniesta, squirreling away, he's got his head up, big bug-eyes, taking the defender on, outside of the foot, red-carpet pass. Barcelona back! Beautiful touch by Ronaldinho. Great slalom run by Iniesta, triggers it in, takes a touch off Godín. The substitute, the kid, goes disco.
Ray Hudson, 66:28 2nd

There's that lovely little touch by Eto'o that opens the window, then the door, then the bear-trap.
Ray Hudson, 70:55 2nd

This is an exemplary goal. Tomasson taps it in, but you've got to look at his team-mates for this, cause the true value of this goal is in the support. It's a lovely slipped-in ball here, he keeps on running, he wants the return, he's fed in, the square ball's begging, and it's provided. Beautiful football by the yellow submarine.
Ray Hudson, 80:14 2nd

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