Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilboa, September 2nd

This is a pile driver but it is precision-steered by Ronny's right foot. Those big eyes bulging he looks at that top corner and he says, that postage stamp is going to get my foot on this one. And he looks, all the menace, the intent, the deadly accuracy, it whips in under the bar and inside of the post, millimetre, split-millimetre perfection by the Brazilian wizard.
Ray Hudson
The poetry of Ray Hudson and the majestic strike of Ronaldinho ...
Pablo Alsina, 08:16 1st

Caparrós, of course, comes into this intimidating lion's den to face these gladiators ...
Ray Hudson, 21:52 1st

Little bit mischievous play there by Lionel, once he realised he wasn't getting the ball, that's when the invisible gopher popped up.
Ray Hudson, 46:52 1st

Here's that earlier run by the squirrel on the telephone wire. Messi puts the brakes on, freezes everybody, here's a lovely bamboozling ball chipped in, Yaya steadies it, Yaya spanks it ... close.
Ray Hudson, 83:29 2nd

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