Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spain vs Latvia, September 12th

I bet you Fernando Torres will never ever taste scouse as long as he's at Liverpool. He's a smart man for doing so.
Ray Hudson, 3:17 1st

What a great ball, splitting them open like a fresh fish, by Xavi.
Ray Hudson, 11:12 1st

And Joaquin, he attacks this one, Phil, like you attack a plate of pork pies. He's around the defender, he puts it on a silver altar, Xavi stabs it home. Brilliant football by the wide man of Valencia. Perfect providing, perfect execution, rapier football, Antonio Banderas, Zorro.
Ray Hudson, 13:06 1st

Those lads, the defenders, earn their bread and butter. And when you see it done like that, really, all the hairy chested centre-halves around the country are going 'Yeah!'
Ray Hudson
You're big with the hairy-chested lads then?
Phil Schoen
I'm big with the hairy-chested lasses as well.
Ray Hudson, 18:19 1st

He's got it all in his arsenal.
Ray Hudson
No pun intended.
Phil Schoen
Well it actually was.
Ray Hudson, 66:59

It's not a work of art, far from it. A Picasso type of a goal, in its own way, it's all disjointed and ugly ...
Ray Hudson, 85:02 2nd

What about a - someone from Liverpool speaking Spanish ...
Phil Schoen
Ésta es Anfield.
Ray Hudson, 86:07

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