Sunday, September 23, 2007

Levante vs Athletic Bilbao, September 23rd

Missed chances, my friend. One of life's great mysteries.
Ray Hudson, 12:44 1st

No sign of Lady Luck for Levante. She's still in the shadows and she don't want to come out for this team.
Ray Hudson, 24:31 1st

Certainly a handball, let's have a look ... that's not a handball ...
Ray Hudson, 68:09 2nd

Lady Luck smiling down at Riganò but she takes her dentures out and gives an ugly look ...
Ray Hudson, 69:28 2nd

You know I'm right, Phil, come on, you can say it.
Ray Hudson, 70:39 2nd

Phil? Phil?
Ray Hudson, 70:44 2nd

Aduriz gets a lot of help, you talk about luck, it's -
Ray Hudson
She put her dentures back in.
Phil Schoen, 72:49 2nd

He's really angry about something, like a polar bear on South Beach ...
Ray Hudson, 73:17 2nd

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