Thursday, September 27, 2007

Real Madrid vs Real Betis, September 27th

This has been a lethargic performance by Real Madrid, it's been lackadaisical and it's requiring a stick of dynamite pushed up into a very sensitive place and lit by the coach at half-time.
Ray Hudson, half-time

No right foot, but the left is like a glove ...
Phil Schoen, 53:49 2nd

Finger down the throat, and he knows it.
Phil Schoen
Fist down the throat ... He's got that dreaded forwards' disease known as finishingitis ....
Ray Hudson, 56:25 2nd

Well, to paraphrase Depeche Mode, but, the soccer gods with a strange sense of humour here today.
Phil Schoen
Well, that's why they've got white beards.
Ray Hudson, 76:37 2nd

You can read this game like a nursery rhyme book, so many times. Said this was in the stars, this result ... And the marquis of marksmanship, tonight, is Baptista with beautiful, acrobatic, Matrix, upside-down, bicycle kick, fabulous by the big Brazilian, look at this and watch, treat yourselves to this. Beautiful touch, it gets popped around, it's won here and banjo! He goes disco! and he is Donna Summers tonight.
Ray Hudson, 84:49 2nd

Lady Luck showed her big, ugly, fat, cellulite-laden backside to Betis, and smiled a lovely, diamond grin at Real Madrid here tonight.
Ray Hudson, 87:03 2nd

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