Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sevilla vs Espanyol, September 25th

Talk about Kerzhakov all you like, I'm going to pick the goalkeeper out of Espanyol as absolutely brilliant beyond belief, look at this save, Phil, it's brilliant reflexes by Kameni. This'll be a perfect look, he powers this one on, cat-quick. That is brilliant by the Cameroonian.
Ray Hudson, 47:01 2nd

What a ball provided out wide, this is a majestic ball into Luis García and that is absolutely pin-point finishing. Absolutely outstanding. Great ball in, beautifully played in by Riera. Oh, what a finish this is. Palop has got no chance. There is a window, tiny little window of opportunity on his right side that could be exploited, and that man there, X-ray vision to find its way in, beautiful. Penalty box assassin, Luis García.
Ray Hudson, 54:11 2nd

Sevilla were running rampant, but that werewolf Luis García jumps out and draws blood ...
Ray Hudson, 55:13 2nd

Good look at Valverde now, getting a little bit moist under the armpits ...
Ray Hudson, 63:24 2nd

Jumps up, salmon-like out of the country stream, and punches this home, that is world class, nothing less ... Phil, that is as good of a header as you will ever see as long as you live, and as long as you are eating pork pies ...
Ray Hudson, 68:31 2nd

Shakespeare absolute could not write this stuff ...
Ray Hudson, 87:53 2nd

Miraculous come-back, out of all proportion, I call it Shakespearian. Ah, that does the bard justice ...
Ray Hudson, post-game

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