Saturday, September 15, 2007

Villarreal vs Real Madrid, September 2nd

Magical strike by twinkle-toes Robinho, lovely lead-ball through, he doesn't hesitate, he gets all his angles right, it's a whisker, kisses the back post, Robinho, Brazilian beauty ...
Ray Hudson, 13:36 1st

A very personal, private statement that he said out wide.
Ray Hudson, 15:19 1st

It's the slightest touch, he stretches his toenails to get it ...
Ray Hudson, 39:21 1st

He kisses it in, like a beautiful pool player, top pocket. Majestical, deadly, merciless, like Kathy Bates with that sledgehammer and that movie, remember? Whack!
Ray Hudson, 48:08 2nd

This is a vivacious goal from los merengues, they're kissing each other, they'll be buying the drinks out tonight. Beautiful, beautiful goal, set up by Sergio Garcia - Sergio Ramos. Beautiful, he lifts his head, Ruud keeps himself onside, lovely touch, and old horse's face guides it, passes it. Sees his target, picks him out. Says 'put it away', and Oranje does magical. He doesn't panic, he settles it, cool like a killer in the box, pure assassin, goes disco.
Ray Hudson, 50:04 2nd

This is an absolute concerto goal, nothing less. This is a rhapsody in white. And I am not exaggerating. This is of a quality that Real Madrid has not seen in years ... One touch to caress it, the second touch to spank it, and punishes the net of the error. Villarreal stripped naked by Real Madrid. Fabulous football, Phil. Sneijder, the marquis of marksmanship.
Ray Hudson, 72:38 2nd

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