Friday, November 30, 2007

Nacional vs Peñarol, November 25th

The ball nicely hits our GolTv sign, right there, on the field of Centenario Stadium.
Pablo Alsina
Best looking sign around the boards, that. Look at that thing standing out.
Ray Hudson, 25:59 1st

Look at this, Ray. The stands are on fire. Literally, they're on fire ...
Pablo Alsina
Enterprising fans throwing a couple of potatoes onto the fire for a quick snack.
Ray Hudson, 30:50 1st

It'll have to take somebody with his head rolling off of his body to be given a penalty kick here today, it seems.
Ray Hudson, 34:09 1st

This game is swinging like a big fulcrum.
Ray Hudson, 36:30 1st

Antonio Pacheco, as I said, has had his feet on the right legs all day long ... Tony the tiger comes out and roars.
Ray Hudson, 66:40 2nd

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