Monday, November 19, 2007

Argentina vs Bolivia, November 17th

Well, that's what you get for chasing rabbits - you get punished. Sublime hit by Romy. Brilliant, brilliant footballer of heavenly class and this one is manna from heaven. His rehearsals were teasers. Like a big stripper he comes out with tassels on, Phil. Beautiful Romy.
Ray Hudson, 11:24 2nd

Goooooooooooooooooooooool for Riquelme.
Phil Schoen
This man has got a walkie-talkie directly to heaven gods. Beautifully set up by Lionel Messi. Superlative football. I've told you, man, it was coming. This is Argentina. This is the Koh-i-Noor diamond of world football. Ranked number one by FIFA. Couldn't give a monkey's uncle about that. This is absolutely heavenly football from the gods of the game. Messi streaking in, red-carpet hit to Román. And look at that touch, the Stradivarius comes out again from Román Riquelme. Guides it, kisses it, caresses it. The walkie-talkie's working.
Ray Hudson, 28:13 2nd


Joe said...

Is it wrong that I scheduled my entire day around watching this match after I saw that Argentina was going to be on GolTV today?

The "Romy" thing cracks me up every time. I usually tend to watch the Premiership but it would be a crime against humanity to take Riquelme away from La Liga and the commentary his star-crossed lover, Ray Hudson.

Hudsonland said...

If that's wrong, Joe, who wants to be right?

dapxin said...

I am biting my fingers for missing this game.

Despite being able to watch it live on GolTV via d internet.