Sunday, November 18, 2007

Uruguay vs Chile, November 18th

This is a lovely lead-ball, beautifully provided, and that sweet, sweet, honey finish. Beautiful finding from Sánchez. Suárez, that right foot is a rifle, eventually. He pulls out the happy dagger ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

I think it was Villanueva, that man I said, look out for him, man ... Carlos Villanueva finds him, beautiful radar working very sharp. Salas is sharper than a Ginsu knife with this finish, Phil, but it's Villanueva that I tip my hat off to.
Ray Hudson, 13:27 2nd

Rodríguez, pulling rabbits out of the hat the size of greyhounds ...
Ray Hudson, 31:07 2nd

If the Gods of football are watching down they'll say, we've got to tie this game and leave it like this ...
Ray Hudson, 36:02 2nd

It's an absolutely rock-and-roll game of football we have been served here on GolTV. Majesterial!
Ray Hudson, 36:43 2nd

Sublimely set up by Suárez, who has been as electric as a live-wire that's been knocked down in a hurricane ...
Ray Hudson, 37:41 2nd

Brilliant goalkeeping by Bravo here, Rodríguez seducing and teasing him like a big Turkish belly-dancer ...
Ray Hudson, 41:31 2nd

Blood pressure rising, and not just in this crowd, in this commentary booth. Turns you on, man, this game, doesn't it? Thriller! What a game of football.
Ray Hudson, 42:16

Suárez doing beautifully. Wriggling, twitching of his hips and shoulders. Paralysing Chile's defenders, he gets the corner-kick. Last throw of the dice for Tabarez's gladiators. He's Spartacus.
Ray Hudson, 46:53 2nd

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