Sunday, November 4, 2007

Barcelona vs Real Betis, November 4th

I'm aroused, Phil.
Ray Hudson
That's why I'm sitting on this side.
Phil Schoen, 34:15 1st

If the universe is really expanding, Phil, how come there's not more spaces in between this red-and-white, this green-and-white team's defence? Answer me that.
Ray Hudson, 34:39 1st

You've got to put him in chains, put him inside a bank vault, put him on a ship, take the ship out to the ocean, sink the ship, and you know what? He'll still get out.
Ray Hudson, 36:17 1st

Esoteric. That's all I can say. There's more flair in this team, in this club, than a nineteen-seventies high-school reunion. This is a cabaret goal, again. And he's Liza Minnelli. Perfect placement, perfect dynamic, perfect free-kick.
Ray Hudson, 7:38 2nd

But again it kinda helps when you have someone like Ronaldinho that you can play with because he sees the lines as well.
Phil Schoen
Yeah, they're both aliens. Telling you, they're pod people.
Ray Hudson, 14:02 2nd

Turns the defenders inside-out, leaves them with twisted blood ...
Ray Hudson, 25:06 2nd


Anonymous said...

Great Site.

'The midfield was livlier than cheerleaders on a trampoline'

Hudsonland said...


Yeah, that nearly made the cut, and 'cheerleaders in a Starbucks' also nearly made it recently. I'm thinking he needs to take it just a little further - 'livelier than a bunch of cheerleaders in Starbucks, on a trampoline, the night before homecoming' or something.

Or maybe I just think too about cheerleaders too much.

James said...

I love this site!

I thought I was all alone in my love of Ray Hudson's use of language. They guy is a football poet.

Anonymous said...

+1... Watching football with other commentators is no longer interesting for me. I don't know what I would do without GolTV, the days he's out I'm not nearly as excited to watch.

Anonymous said...

Great game for all involved. Nice to see some Phil Shoen dialog in there too. He's a total pro and serves as the "straight man" to Hudson's "funny man."

Bradley Meehan said...

Yes!!!!!!! Great site!

I love listening to Ray Hudson but never knew his full name until the other day. He's a legend.

"He needs to be on his tippy-toes, like a midget at a urinal."

Comandante Agí said...

some real gems in there. Liza Minnelli and Big Bang theory references - very esoteric. today I think he was talking about tangerines during the Valencia game.