Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ecuador vs Peru, November 21st

Brilliant, absolutely superlative hit. Bombastic!
Ray Hudson, 10:51 1st

A magical goal. A goal of absolute top, top quality. Confidence is absolutely bursting and you can thank the technician on the sideline for that. Vizuete sends his men out with radiant confidence. Ecuador jump down the throats of Peru again. Beautiful lead-ball, he sees his target. Again, it's Benítez. Fabulous lead-ball, Kaviedes is onto it like Jumping Jack Flash. Beautiful lead, rainbow ball, pot of gold delivered.
Ray Hudson, 24:12 1st

Peru, basically, throw down the welcome mat, and are saying 'come in, sit down, put your feet up'. Look at that defending, shocking. Amateur, schoolboys. That's defending? That's an international footballer? Should be horse-whipped.
Ray Hudson, 43:51 1st

The goalkeeper grows thumbs on his hands because he had thumbs on his feet with his early clearance ...
Ray Hudson, 3:13 2nd

Penny's playing in front of this, playing behind this set of ... uh ...
Ray Hudson
Defenders, I think, is the word you're searching for.
Phil Schoen
Penguins, actually, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 6:11

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