Monday, November 12, 2007

Valencia vs Real Murcia, November 10th

A player like Albelda, that you rightfully point out, with that quality, will find you as easily as peeling a tangerine.
Ray Hudson, 27:11 1st

Murcia cannot defend this, it's absolutely on the Yellow Brick Road for Iván Helguera ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

David Villa, again. His name rhymes with 'pure finishing'. Well it does in my mind, anyway.
Ray Hudson, half-time

My phone's ringing, Phil.
Ray Hudson, half-time

It looks like Q.E.D. - 'what we set out to prove' in Latin. I don't know what the Latin expression is, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 80:57 2nd

Beautifully fed in by Albelda, to Silva, to Villa, and they go disco. And he will be buying him a table-dance tonight.
Ray Hudson, post-game


Joe said...

Brilliant. This is my new favorite blog.

Anonymous said...

Did he say the f-word on Sunday?!!!

Am I the only one who heard Ray call the defender (Heinze I think) a f****g so-and-so after Mallorca scored their second goal, a long range shot from Varela?

Hudsonland said...

'You blame Heinze for turning around, and you blame Marcelo for being ridden around like a bucking bronco by Varela, but not Casillas, Phil ...'
Ray Hudson, 37:48 1st

Anonymous said...

Oh... silly me!

"bucking bronco" it was then! I'm glad you cleared it up!

Ray's commentary used to annoy me a lot initially but I'm now starting to warm up to him and actually enjoy his wit and humor!