Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sevilla vs Real Madrid, November 3rd

The ball's trapped in between Raúl's legs. Keita doesn't matter what ball he kicks, he's gonna get something.
Ray Hudson, 7:54 1st

Rifled into the back of the net! How dare he? What a goal!
Kelly O'Donnell
Absolutely no chance for Iker Casillas on this one, man. Jiménez bursting with pride, Keita bursting the net of Real Madrid. This is an astonishing hit from distance, Kelly, and it's unhesitant. It's a brave strike, he takes the responsibility on, it could miss by a lunar mile. It doesn't. Look at this, unhesitant. He sees it. That is arrowed perfect. William Tell. And Casillas' net's the apple. Beautiful. Stretching effort. Springs like a jungle cat, Iker. He cannot get anywhere close to it.
Ray Hudson, 18:28 1st

Again, crackling white lightning attack by Sevilla. And again, Casillas does his damnedest, Casillas turns himself inside out. It's a beautiful ball over the top that finds big Frédéric, Frédéric comes in and hits it, Casillas saves it, but it's Fabiano, fabulous Fabiano, that puts the finishing razor-edge touch ...
Ray Hudson, 20:53 1st

Big Frédéric doesn't trust his left foot enough to take the swing, and his finish is as sharp as a rubber mallet, there.
Ray Hudson, 29:54 1st

One point twenty-one gigawatts, Kelly. Electrical bolt. One point twenty-one gigawatts!
Ray Hudson, half-time

That is an absolutely sagacious hit, Kelly. So good, it's fattening ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Now he's handing out yellow cards like it's a bodily function.
Ray Hudson, 54:38 2nd

This referee, man, I tell you, he's having a Marge Simpson haircut day
Ray Hudson, 58:50 2nd


Comandante Agí said...

Brilliant. Only Ray Hudson could pull off a Back to the Future reference during a Real Madrid game.

Al said...

My only wish is that the soundbite could have started about two seconds sooner so we could have heard Ray's erupting like Howard Dean: