Monday, October 8, 2007

Barcelona vs Atlético Madrid, October 7th

Set up by the little genius, again. The ball squirts away from him in that corner where the ball tends to roll away from most players. Well, Lio Messi is not most players. The new Maradona they're calling him, Phil. I tell you what, he is the most enduring challenger of that great man's mantle yet. It's Deco that finishes but it's all classic Lio, Lio the lion.
Ray Hudson, 15:25 1st

Like a pickpocketer out of Las Ramblas in Barcelona ...
Ray Hudson, 16:20 1st

Where do you begin? Where do you find the words, man? Magisterial! It's a beautiful give and go, the finish is absolutely celestial, by the albiceleste. Abbiati is a onlooker, this ball gets flamethrowered by him, by Lio the Lion, he's a puma. The Argentine puma. But what an absolute tiger. He sees his place, he sees it in a different dimension to the rest of the world, as does his great team-mate Ronaldinho. Henry has a part in it, he steadies Lionel, he dishes it off, give me it back, feed me baby! One look up, and look at that finish! Blistered by Abbiati. Brilliant, top of the world, the world is his oyster.
Ray Hudson, 19:50 1st

They got bigger, they got better and they got more beautiful, it's almost botanical football by Barcelona.
Ray Hudson, half-time

He's a little tiger, Lio. Scratches to get the ball back.
Ray Hudson, 57:15 2nd

He's like a leopard coming out of the bush, looking for something to eat ...
Ray Hudson, 71:14 2nd

Eighty six minutes into this game and he is like a spring rabbit. He's electric with his pace, the brilliant kaleidoscope vision of Deco sees through the steel wall at the back ...
Ray Hudson, 86:14 2nd

Beautiful, textbook, hallmark, Barcelona, bossa nova, tango football.
Ray Hudson, 89:56 2nd

And, the big cat remix ...


Tim said...

Big Cat Remix is, as Ray would say, 'positively orgasmic, a splendid display of audio mixing capabilities. There'll be a whole lot ferocious, feline lovin in hudsonland tonite!'

Hudsonland said...

And there was. But don't tell Mrs Hudsonland.