Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paraguay vs Uruguay, October 17th

Well, Nelson Valdez as well, give the young man credit because he was full of support, look at that emotion and passion that we were talking about at the start of the game. For me, that's a beautiful sight, you see a goalscorer, Cabañas, having an orgasm, basically, on his assist. That's wonderful.
Ray Hudson, 16:22 1st

The Russians wiped the floor with the most overrated international team, based on the most overrated individual footballers, based out of the most overrated domestic league in world international football - England, the premiership, and the rest of that sorry shower called England. Pathetic.
Ray Hudson
And he would have said the same thing if they'd won
Phil Schoen, 18:23 1st.


Linda said...

Re the second comment: and that's why Ray Hudson is awesome.

boo said...

Nah, he's just bitter because no-one in England would employ him, because he'd be exposed for the fraud he is. He can only get away with his bs in a non-football country.

Hudsonland said...

I don't think he takes himself seriously enough to be capable of feeling bitter about anything. Or do you think he really misses the weather in Gateshead?

Amy said...

I love Ray Hudson.