Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colombia vs Brazil, October 14th

For this, the 50th post on this most humble of blogs, as a (not very) special treat, may I present this prime example of Mr. Hudson's trademark ejaculation, never before featured in this corner of the interwebs (because I can never work out how to transcribe it - Aye Aye? Ay Ay? Ai Ai?). Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. Hudson, accompanied, as he should be, by his able foil, Mr. Schoen.


Tim said...

hahahahahahahaahah! Already played it 10 times! great stuff!

Hudsonland said...

Yeah, maybe I should have put it on some kind of loop - it doesn't sound so great in isolation but it really was a superlative example.

Anonymous said...


More "aiyai" would put this blog in the realm of Juan Roman Riquleme. Putting "aiyai" in an audio loop would make the world go into oragasmic jubilation.

Look out!!