Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chile vs Peru, October 17th

Look at that jackknifing header by Suazo. The ball going away from him, he gets that beautiful, bald bonce on it, and punches it with plenty of meat and potatoes behind it. Looks like he's had a few meat and potatoes in his time, Suazo. All strength, like a bulldog, but the touch of a poodle there. Beautiful ...
Ray Hudson, 14:50 1st

Vidal, basically, sees through their defence like Clark Kent sees through steel. Look at this, that's a fabulous ball, Riquelme standards. Sorry, I've got to bring Romy up again. But that is outstanding creativity by Vidal. Beautifully touched down, settles it with that velvet cushion for a right foot, and hammers it past the helpless, stranded Butrón ...
Ray Hudson, 6:39 2nd

Some venom coming out in the game now, Kelly, a little bit of poison. Little bit of yellow pus starting to come out of the wounds of Peru.
Ray Hudson, 22:59 2nd

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