Friday, October 26, 2007

DC United vs Miami Fusion, October 16th 1999

Dom from San Francisco kindly sent me this rather awesome transcript and sound clip. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know Ray Hudson had been so Ray Hudson for so long.

I've loved hearing Ray's commentary ever since he called MLS games way back when. He always cracked me up. So much so, that back in 1999, I recorded a sound clip from the first game of a round one playoff game he called between my beloved DC United and the Miami Fusion. United won 2-0, and the first goal was scored gloriously by Jaime Moreno on a fantastic give-and-go with Marco Etcheverry, who split the defense with an exquisite first-time touch. The sound quality is unfortunately a bit poor, and there are no animal metaphors, but I still love it.

Hudson: Oh!

Other guy: Etcheverry ... leaving it back ... great play... shot ... goal!!!! ... What a play by the two Bolivians!!!

Hudson: Moreno shoots like this ... look at this. Moreno ... darting in between two players ... Etcheverry ... gifting it back, sets him up beautifully... And he's an executioner in those examples. This is a great look. Look at this one. Etcheverry... doesn't need two touches ... one touch! And it's in the back of the net. Fusion? Absolutely devastated.


Stuart said...

Would you mind sharing the recording... I too think it's Hudson in his element.

Hudsonland said...

It's stored here.