Saturday, October 27, 2007

Schalke 04 vs Werder Bremen, October 27th

It's that sort of game in the early going, both teams jousting, like King George and the dragon.
Ray Hudson, 11:13 1st

Electrical hit that lights up his coach's face and sends this crowd into delirium. It's exquisite placement, the power is precise. Accurate again, to the split millimetre. Divinely sent, Frings does everything he can, and Tim Wiese stretches his fingernails, he gets them broken by the wind off this ball. Coach goes disco!
Ray Hudson, 13:36 1st

Smile, Ray.
Pablo Alsina
I was smiling already before she pulled that camera out.
Ray Hudson, 30:46 1st

They have not connected too well together, the two boys up front for Werder Bremen. Like two electrons, they're not going to connect.
Ray Hudson, 65:06 2nd

What do you call that in English, Ray?
Pablo Alisina
Magic. Bloody magic.
Ray Hudson, 71:10 2nd

Diego weights it exquisitely, Frings delivers a diamond of a pass. It's an open, yawning net. Torsten Frings puts it on a golden altar. Sanogo sees it coming, he sees it going, he cannot angle it down into the open, yawning net. Neuer thanks his lucky stars again. Forget the miss. Fabulous football, set up with exquisite, Einstein vision and creativity from the wonderful play of Diego.
Ray Hudson, 75:34 2nd

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