Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Valencia vs Real Madrid, October 31st

The defence of Valencia looking like the Bermuda triangle and all of the Real Madrid players go missing ...
Ray Hudson, 0:57 1st

What a goal this is, we will be treated like a big ice-cream sundae. Watch this, it's all van Nistelrooy. Magic from old horsey-face. He turns this little note into a verse and then into a choir ...
Ray Hudson, 24:50 1st

Ah, Phil, if he cannot hit this, there's something wrong with his hammer. Look at that! We know he's a defender but he's like a fish up a tree with this finish.
Ray Hudson, 27:20 1st

What an absolute blessed goal this is. It's found, he sees it, he's onside by a nautical mile, but look at that finish! This is divine grace under pressure. And a buxom finish. And we like buxom.
Ray Hudson, 30:03 1st

Orchestrial football, violins right, left, and centre, and Guti is the Stradivarius.
Ray Hudson, 36:39 1st

A goal is a dream with a deadline. And this one is a wet dream.
Ray Hudson, half-time

This isn't cyber, this is hard-wired football ...
Ray Hudson, 19:38 2nd

And this is becoming the closest thing to a public execution this side of North Korea, Phil.
Ray Hudson, 20:24 2nd


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I've not heard the man before, but I've heard about him. The quotes are sublime, worthy of being published, perhaps?

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