Monday, October 22, 2007

Spreading the Word (updated again)

I know it's already been a bit meta around here recently but I must say thanks to SF at The Offside Rules for kindly sending a horde of minions over to check this place out.

Also, Blogrolled! at Empties Crushed, a while back (sorry). Thanks!

Update: and The Yankee Hooligan. Busy day.

Later updates:

Do I get an invite to the calendar shoot, Sports Illustrated?

Also, thanks, Brucio at du Nord.

Blogrolled! at Who Ate All The Cupcakes?

And if a Time magazine blog says Bloggers who love Ray Hudson move the media world closer to perfection, who are we to argue? Quote ...

This Hudsonia thing strikes me as strong evidence that we are getting progressively closer to some sort of new media nirvana, in which every possible informational and amusement need is filled.


jamesey said...

I can't believe I just found this place. I love Ray Hudson! Keep it up!

Longshoe said...

The Cupcake Nation loves hanging out in Hudsonia, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

This blog should be mirrored at

scaryice said...

You're blowing up!

Comandante Agí said...

Your blog is brilliant. Ray Hudson rules.

Mark said...

Rampant bollo masquerading as football commentary. The bastard love-child of Motty and Patsy from AbFab.

Which is why I prefer dwile-flonking.

Anonymous said...

Bet you're now glad you changed the name from Hudson-must-die now, lad.

Hudsonland said...

(Full disclosure - I deleted the previous comment until I had time to respond to it - I've been really busy at work this week)

The original name of this blog was 'Ray Hudson Must Die'. I started watching GolTV last year and my initial reaction to Mr Hudson was, I must admit, negative. Then, as I started to appreciate Ray as part of the experience of watching La Liga, I spent some time on Google trying to find out a little more about him. One site I found was a blog post called Milan Derby and Ray Hudson must die, the title of which aparently stuck in my mind. As my little obsession started to grow, and I decided to start Rayblogging, I named the blog after what I felt was probably most viewers initial reaction to Mr Hudson.

Later, when I realised it looked like I was going to blog the new season (and also at the prompting of Mrs Hudsonland) I decided to make a few changes to the blog, one of which was to change the name to Hudsonia.

'Ray Hudson Must Die' was never meant to be a genuine sentiment (it's called irony, look it up) but renaming the blog was probably a good idea to avoid any misinterpretation.