Saturday, October 13, 2007

Uruguay vs Bolivia, October 13th

It's an absolutely fabulous finish by Forlán, now how do you figure this? This is an outstanding, world-class goal of the highest calibre. He has missed chances today that your young boy Alex could have put away, Phil. And I'm not kidding. The forward, man, he's a funny old beast. This is an absolutely scintillating finish on the full volley and it's full-blooded by Diego Forlán. See the ball's played the opposite way, right beautiful rainbow pass and here's your pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. It's a tremendous little ball by Pérez, leading Diego, Diego arrows it in, past García and that inside post and poor García again gets his fingers singed by that superheated volley.
Ray Hudson, 38:06 1st

He couldn't hit a horse's backside with a banjo early on but he threads the needle there.
Ray Hudson, 41:48 1st

Incredible, that this small country produces so many high-quality players but they don't stay in Uruguay, unfortunately, they head out overseas, deservedly so for the big money and the wealth and fame, and the pretty señoritas ... there's plenty of them in Uruguay of course.
Ray Hudson, 43:47 1st

That left foot of his is like a pistol, and it's cocked and the trigger is exploded ...
Ray Hudson, half-time

Abreu sees it coming, he's got all the time in the world, he could take this on his chest, Phil, he could have a plate of pasta and then pass it into the net, but he trusts his header, and it's mistrust ...
Ray Hudson, 8:56 2nd


Anonymous said...

love the site. Suggestion to do some of the zany, off-the-wall Ray quips on audio. For example, 'the horses backside' from this post, or 'the tyrannosaur with hemorrhoid's... angry', or i remember a year ago he said 'he's cooler than a summer sandwich in the refrigerator.'
Some of rays shining moments are his nonsense. I'm not asking for you to go into the archives by any means, but if you come across any wacky metaphors in the future it would be sweet.

Hudsonland said...

'Tyrannosaurus Rex with hemorrhoids. Angry!' will definitely make the 'best of' audio-edit I plan to do once I become independently wealthy. Right after I get tired of playing with my new Bugatti Veyron.

I'll try to be more conscious of the metaphors in future (see 'like a ficus tree' above, somewhere); you have indeed identified an important aspect of Hudsonology.